Recalled by Cotton

“Only God knows my story,” Mary has told me often. “No one knows your story but God.”  She calls me the other afternoon.  “Katrina, are you home?”  “Yes….” “Okay!”  Click.  I furrow my brow and pick up a few pieces of clutter around the house, then sit back down at my computer, close to the …

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The Last Harvest

October 13, 2018 I was standing by my kitchen window preparing cachupa. (I had read about it in my research that day. Cachupa is the national dish of the Cape Verde Islands, a shipwreck island in my book.) The corn and beans simmered and the sausages sizzled and filled the house with a spicy aroma. …

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Mondays with Mary

A new Monday column?  Maybe, because I have so many great lines from Mary.  Here are a few on this wonderful summer Monday, in case you’re tempted to clean house a little too thoroughly. Memories is good. You know my Grandma George, she used to tell us, “Baby, don’t throw away that picture!” They say, …

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Playing Othello

“It’s April 19. It’s been over a month since we had a natural disaster,” I said to Marnell Thursday night. “Or a garage sale.” By natural disaster, I was including not only the flood, but our recent insect infestation and the moving process. A few days before that, I was sitting on my chair–the comfy rocker …

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The Tears and the Hollerin’

“Yes, he called me,” Mary told me over the phone. I was driving home from work. He being Marnell’s brother Darrell, a plumber. “I am so happy. I could not keep back the tears or the hollerin’,” Mary told me. That was Thursday. On Monday, Mary learned that the flood had destroyed both her hot …

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