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The Case of the Missing Conductor

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Two Minutes—Captain Garrison’s Favorite Food

I apologize if you are having trouble viewing the video. I’m not sure how to trouble shoot it, other than to possibly put it on YouTube and post a link. Thanks for your patience. What: Final 2019 Captain Garrison book signing and sale by me. I WILL plan to have books for you to purchase.

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Wisconsin “Vacation”

What a great opportunity to be in Wisconsin this weekend! It always makes it difficult for me to post a Saturday evening blog if I am at an all-day Saturday event. So if you’ll forgive me, I’ll take a vacation from my blog as well and just share a photo with you along with a

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Two Minutes On Captain Garrison–Is He Like John Newton?

Just ready to take off for work–but here is one of my favorite Captain Garrison questions! How do you like my foggy filter? I couldn’t resist the fog on the water! Have a great day! See you–perhaps– at the women’s seminar in Wisconsin, or next week November 9 at the Baker’s Nook in Elkhart!

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Why It’s Good I Married Marnell: Reason 356

“Can I take a book to school?” one of the boys (vagueness intentional) asked me after helping at the book signing. “We have a class library.” For someone who labels most books as “boring,” this was an interesting request. He had flatly said he was not planning to read Captain Garrison, which neither surprised nor

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Shared and Sugary: the Best Way to Make Memories

For us here on Brady Street, the only life experiences the four of us have in common are the things that have happened since July. One of those shared experiences was a story about sugarcane, and then a quest to find and experience sugarcane. Now, it would be most ideal to go to a place

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