Frustrations, Traffic, And Mennonites

And sometimes, like me and the traffic, you might find yourself so focused on your mission and sense of what is beautiful that you forget to be frustrated.

The Murky World of the Audiobook

I listen to audiobooks all the time while folding laundry, driving, or doing dishes. The dishes get done so much faster this way, and the miles disappear more rapidly!

Homesick for a Hayfield

But I probably wouldn’t find such rich details out on a ranch in Nevada, or even in a green hayfield. I might even get homesick for Elkhart and its craziness.

Favorite Posts

Research Day Four: Under the Tree

I forgot two things about research: it’s very exhausting, and there’s never enough time to get everything done that could be done. As Marnell and

The People Edition

If you were at our wedding, I apologize that I didn’t ask you for permission to post some candid shots. But don’t panic: MG3 Photography,

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