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The Case of the Missing Conductor

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The Birthday Boy

8:50 am. This morning. Me, standing at bottom of stairs: “Nick! Are you awake?” Nothing. “Nick!” Nothing. Dracko, from the chair across the room: “NICKLIE!” “Yeah…” Me: “It’s time to get something to eat! And bring your sheets down to start the laundry!” 9:03 am: Nick stumbles into the kitchen, expertly wrapped in bed sheets,

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“Wasted” Experiences in the Lens of God’s Camera

“This is so stupid! I’m never doing it like this when I’m an adult!” Lord, help us, I thought. What could be so hard about learning on which side of the plate a spoon should be placed? What situation have we gotten ourselves into? Often I look back on the twists of life, and wonder

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The Writer Who Cried “Dry”

Life is just not the same when you can find a cucumber’s face staring up at you from your bathroom sink, now, is it? Hence, I wrote nothing this week accept a raccoon fantasy. Let me explain. I’ve been tutoring 9-year-old twins this year and included “our” boys in some of the projects. This week

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A Road Trip with Boys

“Let me get this straight,” N said. “We’re taking the car just because the truck doesn’t have AC?” “Yes,” Marnell said. “But the truck has more room!” That exchange is a mere sample of some of the conversations we’ve had in the last number of hours and days preparing for and en route to spend

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I Call Dibs! Or Life With Teenage Boys

“Shall we spill the beans now?” These were among the first words I heard when I came in this afternoon from work. The boys had been with Marnell most of the day. “Which beans?” Marnell asked D. “About what happened this morning,” D said. “Do you have something to tell me?” I asked. “Yes,” he

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