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The Case of the Missing Conductor

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I Call Dibs! Or Life With Teenage Boys

“Shall we spill the beans now?” These were among the first words I heard when I came in this afternoon from work. The boys had been with Marnell most of the day. “Which beans?” Marnell asked D. “About what happened this morning,” D said. “Do you have something to tell me?” I asked. “Yes,” he

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Someone’s Dream Life

“I had to turn it into a joke,” Harvey said. When we were in Ontario, our hosts Harvey and Carolyn told us that when they had been married nine months, they took in eight teenage boys. He was recalling the toilet paper crisis and how he had set a quota of three squares of toilet

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Tuesday Tips: How to Prepare Swan Stew

Hey, how do you KNOW you won’t need these tips some day? You don’t. So read on. Swan stew: Place shot swan on flat surface and allow neck to hang over the side. Placing on a freezer beside three sturgeon is most fitting. Pull feathers off body with quick firm snapping motions of wrist. Remove

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The Language of the Lake

When I first came to Pickle Lake, I didn’t think I would like the north. Helping with Vacation Bible School wasn’t the problem. I’ve done that quite a few times in my life. It was our non-VBS activities that had me worried. Marnell told me stories about fishing and boats on the lake and spending

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The Deal

So here’s the deal. As you read this, I might be jetting across Lake Kapkichi in northern Ontario where the blacktop road ends. We expect a full week of VBS, so you may not hear from me next Saturday night. So, just a few updates on the progress of website and book. I’ve been poking

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The Brady Street Food Pantry

“I wish I didn’t have such an overeating problem,” I lamented the other day. “I think I would be a better hostess because I would cook more fattening food without worrying that I would eat too much of it myself.” “Uh-huh,” Marnell said, half distracted by something else. “What?!” I cried. “You agree that I’m

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