The Final Fate of the Duck

Marnell and Chris pronounced it tasty. I’m not sure that I would go that far, but I could go so far as to say it wasn’t bad.

What Did Jesus Really Tell the Disciples About the Cross?

I was already musing about how the night might have been different for the disciples, when I thought of things from Jesus’ perspective. If I were about to embark on a terrible night, I think I would want my closest friends to know what was going to happen. I would want to be able to count on them to never leave. To be prepared with as much knowledge and training as possible. Maybe do some drills about how they would handle themselves when the mob came to the garden, or what he expected of them when he was being tried before Pilate.

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Research Day Four: Under the Tree

I forgot two things about research: it’s very exhausting, and there’s never enough time to get everything done that could be done. As Marnell and

The People Edition

If you were at our wedding, I apologize that I didn’t ask you for permission to post some candid shots. But don’t panic: MG3 Photography,

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