All Kinds of Weird

Tuesday night, I was about as low as I have been for a long time. Literally, I kept crying randomly during the day at work. I simply could not see any light ahead in our current situation. “I need to talk to someone,” I told Marnell. I told him I had thought of trying to …

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Wisconsin “Vacation”

What a great opportunity to be in Wisconsin this weekend! It always makes it difficult for me to post a Saturday evening blog if I am at an all-day Saturday event. So if you’ll forgive me, I’ll take a vacation from my blog as well and just share a photo with you along with a …

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Two Minutes On Captain Garrison–Is He Like John Newton?

Just ready to take off for work–but here is one of my favorite Captain Garrison questions! How do you like my foggy filter? I couldn’t resist the fog on the water! Have a great day! See you–perhaps– at the women’s seminar in Wisconsin, or next week November 9 at the Baker’s Nook in Elkhart!

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