Highlighting God's work in broken places

As a Mennonite author and writer living in the slums of Elkhart, Indiana, I battle discouragement both in my own life and in the broken lives around me. My writing seeks to exalt God’s hand,  inspiring hope and compassion. Emmanuel, God With Us! 

  • I write about Brady Street. My husband and I live in a neighborhood many would call broken.  A knock on the door often means a request for money, a phone call, coffee creamer, or a ride to the doctor. 
  • I write about my own struggles with overeating and depression – brokenness inside. 
  • I share an occasional humor piece called “What Not To Do Wednesday.” 
  • Occasionally, you will see a Merchant Monday piece about favorite merchandise, usually with a giveaway. 
  • Arrived October 2019. Captain Garrison. 1700’s Staten Island. Storms at sea. An angry sailor. A strange sick visitor. Brokenness and God’s redemption.  (Biographical/historical fiction.)
  • Published 2011-2016: Cholera. Tornadoes. Fires. War. God’s hand in broken towns and lives.
Marnell and I, July 2019. Photo credits to our niece Eunice Lee.

5 Fast Facts About Katrina:

  1. My husband Marnell and I met January 23, 2016 at a women’s conference! (He was doing sound and I was leading a workshop.)
  2. As a teenager, I crocheted doilies to sell at the Wausau Farmer’s Market. 
  3. When I was born in Goshen, Indiana, Dr. Abel wrote 5-23-1982 on my birth certificate. The date was June 23, but no one noticed his mistake until we went to get my driver’s permit.
  4. Peanut butter is a weakness of mine. 
  5. Small black Angus calves are a favorite childhood memory of mine. 
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