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Katrina Hoover Lee

with her husband Marnell and daughter Anina

5 Fast Facts About Katrina

  1. I currently write fun and faith-filled middle grade adventures. But I have also interviewed victims of tornadoes, cholera, fire, and war, which are recorded in my other books.
  2. My husband Marnell and I met January 23, 2016 at a women’s conference! (He was running sound and I was leading a workshop.) We now have a daughter Anina, who “writes” her perspective on life in the Behind the Scenes Tuesday newsletter (see below).
  3. I have two birthdays, legal and real. When I was born in Goshen, Indiana, Dr. Abel wrote 5-23-1982 on my birth certificate. The date was June 23, but no one noticed his mistake until we went to get my driver’s permit.
  4. When I was a teenager, I crocheted doilies and sold them at the farmer’s market in Wausau, WI.
  5. I have touched a beating human heart. See my reflections here

Let’s run with patience the race before us! 

Making Something Inspirational

Courage and Cheer for
the Christian Race

I have been creating stories for almost as long as I can remember. Growing up on a Mennonite produce farm, I created brothers Terry, Gary, and Larry, to help pass the time doing chores. I told stories about them to my brother as we weeded strawberries, thinned carrots, or cleaned fresh eggs.

As a teacher in Christian schools for eight years, I loved reading to my students at storytime. In 2008, I left teaching and went to nursing school. 

For about a decade, as I worked as a nurse, I wrote books for adults. With a Mennonite publishing house, TGS International, I produced From the White House to the AmishBlue Christmas, and Captain Garrison. I enjoyed traveling, researching, and interviewing for seven books. I also shared my life as a cardiac nurse and member of an inner-city Anabaptist church on my weekly blog.

Now my husband Marnell and I have a child of our own and I am returning to my own childhood by writing a children’s adventure series, in addition to a weekly blog post and Tuesday newsletter. Marnell and I live in an ethnically diverse urban neighborhood where we seek to join God’s work with our small Anabaptist church.

In 2022, I once again assisted TGS International, by interviewing the hostages kidnapped for 62 days by a Haitian gang. By focusing on this project for several busy months, I wrote the book, Kidnapped in Haiti.

New Stories

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Finding Courage and Cheer in the Ever-Surprising Story of Ordinary Life


From Katrina's Store

Kidnapped in Haiti

The amazing story of seventeen missionaries.

August 2022

The Brady Street Boys

Fresh adventure series with old values: the fruit of the Spirit, Christian living, overcoming disability. Nine books are planned to match the nine fruit of the Spirit.

Trapped in the Tunnel

Beginning July 2021

Facing the Fugitive

Beginning July 2021

Noise in the Night

Beginning 2022

Tricked on the Tracks

fall/winter 2022

Book Five, Rivals on the River

Summer of 2023

Book Six and Seven

Beginning 2024


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