5 Fast Facts About Katrina:

  1. I have listened to victims of tornadoes, cholera, fire, and war, which are recorded in my books.
  2. My husband Marnell and I met January 23, 2016 at a women’s conference! (He was running sound and I was leading a workshop.)
  3. I have two birthdays, legal and real. When I was born in Goshen, Indiana, Dr. Abel wrote 5-23-1982 on my birth certificate. The date was June 23, but no one noticed his mistake until we went to get my driver’s permit.
  4. When I was a teenager, I crocheted doilies and sold them at the farmer’s market in Wausau, WI. 
  5. I have touched a beating human heart. See my reflections here!  

Finding Joy in Ordinary Life

Growing up on a Mennonite produce farm, I created brothers Terry, Gary, and Larry, to help pass the time doing chores. I told stories about them to my brother as we weeded strawberries, thinned carrots, or washed fresh eggs.

For about a decade, I wrote books for adults through a Mennonite publishing house, including From the White House to the Amish, Blue Christmas, and Captain Garrison. I enjoyed traveling, researching, and interviewing for seven books. I also shared my life as a cardiac nurse and member of an inner city Anabaptist church on my weekly blog.

Now my husband Marnell and I have a child of our own and I am returning to my own childhood by writing a children’s adventure series, in addition to a weekly blog post. 

  • I write about Brady Street, beggars, our new daughter Anina, and the occasional bullets. My husband and I live in a neighborhood many would call broken.  A knock on the door often means a request for money, a phone call, coffee creamer, or a ride to the doctor. 
  • I write about my own struggles with overeating and depression.

NOTE: Currently, we are not actively producing new podcast episodes in either division. 

  • 500 Words – ten podcasts drawing lessons from ten years as a published author. This series originated May 2020. 
  • Voices of Survival – Currently unavailable.
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