New Release--Brady Street Boys Book 6

Fire in the Feed Mill

These youngsters are studying goodness.

Gary Fitzpatrick senses he’s closing in on the truth. So when he, his uncle, and his brothers roll into a hot Illinois town, the thirteen-year-old believes this time he’ll finally be able to speak to the doctor who amputated his leg. But before he can start his quest for answers, the teen detectives are intrigued when they spy an ambulance carrying a patient from a chocolate shop.

Learning that the victim had been poisoned by his dining partner, Gary and his brothers set to work unraveling the mystery. But as their hunt for evidence takes them across the community, the team of teenaged detectives is startled to learn that the physician they’re looking for may be caught up in the same nasty scandal…

Can Gary and his siblings solve the case and locate the secretive surgeon?

Fire in the Feed Mill is the fast-paced sixth book in the Brady Street Boys Adventure Series. If you like persistent heroes, Christian values, and clever whodunits, then you’ll love Katrina Hoover Lee’s engrossing story.

Buy Fire in the Feed Mill to find the grain of truth today!

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About Katrina

Courage and Cheer for the Christian Race!

I have been creating stories for almost as long as I can remember. Growing up on a Mennonite produce farm, I created brothers Terry, Gary, and Larry, to help pass the time doing chores. I told stories about them to my brother as we weeded strawberries, thinned carrots, or cleaned fresh eggs.

As a teacher in Christian schools for eight years, I loved reading to my students at storytime. In 2008, I left teaching and went to nursing school.

For about a decade, as I worked as a nurse, I wrote books for adults. With a Mennonite publishing house, I produced From the White House to the Amish, Blue Christmas, and Captain Garrison. I enjoyed traveling, researching, and interviewing for seven books. I also shared my life as a cardiac nurse and member of an inner city Anabaptist church on my weekly blog.

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