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Kidnapped in Haiti

The nationally publicized story of 17 missionaries (including 5 children) kidnapped by a Haitian gang October 2021 is now in print in this book by Katrina Hoover Lee. Katrina brings her exclusive interviews with the hostages into this first complete account of their 62 days of captivity, and the efforts to free them.

About Katrina

Courage and Cheer for the Christian Race!

I have been creating stories for almost as long as I can remember. Growing up on a Mennonite produce farm, I created brothers Terry, Gary, and Larry, to help pass the time doing chores. I told stories about them to my brother as we weeded strawberries, thinned carrots, or washed fresh eggs.

As a teacher in Christian schools for eight years, I loved reading to my students at storytime. In 2008, I left teaching and went to nursing school.

For about a decade, as I worked as a nurse, I wrote books for adults. With a Mennonite publishing house, I produced From the White House to the Amish, Blue Christmas, and Captain Garrison. I enjoyed traveling, researching, and interviewing for seven books. I also shared my life as a cardiac nurse and member of an inner city Anabaptist church on my weekly blog.

Three Brady Street Boys

Adventure Series

Two Haiti Books

Kidnapped in Haiti and Blue Christmas

From the White House to the Amish

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Words that offer courage and cheer in the Christian’s race of life

How to Impact Someone’s Life

Why did Allen’s simple story impact my life? I wonder now if it had something to do with his character. He hadn’t prepared a speech to sway people. He wasn’t looking for votes. I don’t even think he was trying to prove he was right. He was just telling what God had done for them.

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And We Thank Him For Our Food

One practical tip to transform your Thanksgiving table by truly thanking God for this food.

I remember being astonished that Jackie Kennedy ordered bread flown fresh from Paris every day (I believe this was after the White House years). But the truth is, there are a lot of people in the world who would probably view our Thanksgiving habits in much the same way that I view Jackie Kennedy’s fresh bread habits.

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