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Book Four Tricked on the Tracks, November 2022

Book Four

Tricked on the Tracks

Will the boys be accused of kidnapping? Or will they die of thirst first?
When Dean promises to help search the Hobo Jungle for clues, Gary and his brothers seem closer than ever to finding the missing surgeon.
But now Dean is missing too. The boys proceed without him, trying to practice longsuffering. With the help of two hobos and a red handkerchief, they begin to untangle the trail left by Dr. Jefferson.
Then, Dean reappears. But relief turns to despair as the boys find themselves in a worse predicament. Will they be accused of kidnapping? Or will they die of thirst? Is it possible to be long-suffering even now?
They’ve almost forgotten about finding Dr. Jefferson. But the red handkerchief has one more clue.


Book Three

Noise in the Night

Can the boys make peace before the new boy gets revenge?
Terry, Gary, and Larry can’t wait for their camping trip on the island close to their home. When a strange boy yells threats at them, the boys try to ignore him. They have never met this boy before. How could they have done him wrong?
But the stranger continues to harass them, and Terry, Gary, and Larry cannot ignore him. Does he really mean to harm them? Surely the frightening noises outside the tent in the dead of night are not part of his plan?
Terry, Gary, and Larry are sure there is no hope of making peace with this mean boy. They aren’t even sure they are going to survive the night.


Book Three Noise in the Night, March 2022


Book Two Facing the Fugitive, October 2021

Book Two

Facing the Fugitive

Can the Boys Identify the International Fugitive in Time?
When a newspaper article warns of an international art thief close by, Gary determines to notice all clues this time. He does not want to be tricked again.
The next day, the Fitzpatrick family boards a train to Chicago, hoping to find out more about the surgeon who amputated Gary’s leg. As they travel, the brothers suspect that one of the passengers is hiding something. Why is the artist so interested in the family’s conversation about Nehemiah in the Bible? What are his intentions with the old cup at the museum?
From the train to the doctor’s office to the museum to the lake, the boys sense that the art thief may be close by. But if they find proof, will it be too late to save the valuable cup?

Book one

Trapped in the Tunnel

Times are simpler in the 1980s. Terry, Gary, and Larry love their maple tree, their boat called the London, and the friendly face of the St. Joseph River. Gary finds comfort on the river, where he can use his upper body strength to row, and almost forget about his wooden leg and lost dreams.
But nothing is simple when Mom spots suspicious characters in the empty house next door and suggests it may be time to move away. And nothing is easy when Dad and Mom assign the boys a summer project to learn about the fruit of the Spirit.
Terry, Gary, and Larry set out to investigate the strange characters and prove that their neighborhood is safe. But then, the detective work backfires, and the boys are trapped.


Book One Trapped in the Tunnel, Released July 2021

I just wanted to tell you how much this series means to me… I am a mom of six and am an avid reader myself and love seeing my children taking after that love as well… They love Bobbsey twins and Nancy Drew and all books mystery (which they get honestly!) Last summer I was lamenting that none of those books have character depth and then I found your series and have been absolutely thrilled by it! Not only mysterious but also full of fantastic nuggets of Christian truth in a very tasteful way.

The Brady Street Boys is a fresh adventure series with Christian values, set in the 1980s before cell phones. The main character has an artificial leg, so children learn about disability without thinking about it. It’s just normal for Gary.
Each book has a light “fruit of the Spirit” theme. Book One is about love, Book Two about joy, Book Three about peace, and so on. Since there are nine fruits, Katrina plans to write nine books.
Each book is illustrated with about 15 whimsical illustrations by artist Josh Tufts.

Terry, Gary and Larry Fitzpatrick live in northern Indiana along the St. Joseph River. President Reagan lives in the White House. Gasoline costs 90 cents a gallon. For families like the Fitzpatricks, computers and cell phones are still things of the future. The boys’ Christian parents teach them to pray and give them a project to learn the fruit of the Spirit. They help Gary navigate the pain of losing his leg and his firefighting dreams. But having a wooden leg doesn’t keep Gary from adventures. With Terry the acrobat, and Larry the brain, Gary begins a quest to find an answer to the most important mystery of all. What happened to the surgeon who amputated Gary’s leg, and has now disappeared?

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