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Fruit of the Spirit Giveaway

New Project Updates

Listen to a sample: ​Trapped in the Tunnel – Book 1 – Sample.mp3​

$170 Giveaway

And now for the drum roll! I’m so pleased to find a selection of resources from other authors writing with a fruit of the Spirit theme. We’ve decided to offer a collection of all of our work as a giveaway.

Here’s what the winner gets:

  • The devotional book Fruit Full by Christie Thomas, a book I’ve already recommended to you.
  • a set of my Brady Street books (each has a different fruit of the Spirit theme)
  • a fruit of the Spirit game
  • 2 picture books with fruit of the Spirit themes
  • a fruit of the Spirit Bible study for adults
  • a fruit of the Spirit workbook for children

Enter the giveaway here!

A Word From Anina

Here’s an example of the sixth fruit of the Spirit: GOODNESS. Hurray for friends who are willing to work hard to give others a fun time. “Go horsies!”



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