Tom Kirkman Hears God’s Voice

This concept has given me a framework for something that I already understood but had not been practicing. Recording makes all the difference. I don’t feel like I hear God’s voice plainly every time I listen. But the discipline has taught me to wait on God instead of rushing through a prayer.

Teamwork At A Family Gathering

So, we had a lovely weekend, despite our big mistake. That’s what family teamwork does! It redeems out unpleasant situations.

When Teamwork with Neighbors Saves the Rocket

Talk about teamwork among neighbors! Soon, we had a twenty foot wooden ladder propped against the culprit tree, with a Hispanic man with a limited English vocabulary comfortably balanced on its top.

Stereotypes. Who Are the Amish?

None of these things were about Amish cooking or Amish romance novels or Amish witchcraft. After the pressures, politics, and hypocrisy of Washington, Tom found the Amish to be authentic Christian people living out their beliefs, and they changed his life.

Favorite Posts

Research Day Four: Under the Tree

I forgot two things about research: it’s very exhausting, and there’s never enough time to get everything done that could be done. As Marnell and

The People Edition

If you were at our wedding, I apologize that I didn’t ask you for permission to post some candid shots. But don’t panic: MG3 Photography,

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