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The People Edition

If you were at our wedding, I apologize that I didn’t ask you for permission to post some candid shots. But don’t panic: MG3 Photography, Mel and Katlyn, both did a great job.  (See her Facebook page here.) And of course, they weren’t able to get everyone.

First, I forgot to post these ladies last time!

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Marnell’s brother Russ with our family favorite, Max.

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Marnell and Katrina Wedding-1038
Elkhart church friends and good friends Devon and Barb.

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Two favorite friends. Sorry Angie, I couldn’t resist!
Marnell and Katrina Wedding-1236
Justin and Janae, the other newly-weds in the Lee family, apparently puzzling over our trivia.
Marnell and Katrina Wedding-1220
My nephew Josh.
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Our church favorite, Jaxson.

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Marnell and Katrina Wedding-1148
Friends Sherilyn (on edge) and Rosanna, with whom I have had many adventures.

Marnell and Katrina Wedding-1128

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My brother Scott and his wife claim this twin, but they aren’t sure if he is Aaron or Eric!
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My dear friend Sharon. I was so honored that she came from Ontario.
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Friend Genesis and son.
Marnell and Katrina Wedding-Reception-0123
All my Hoover aunts and uncles made it to our wedding!  That’s pretty special.
Marnell and Katrina Wedding-Reception-0121
A most important group of people that we never saw in action!

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My three sisters!

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Marnell and Katrina Wedding-Reception-0058
I think the guy with his head in his hand might be working on our trivia!

Marnell and Katrina Wedding-Reception-0057View More: More: More: and Katrina Wedding-Reception-0042

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Marnell’s cousin, Dana Stauffer, our diligent master of ceremonies.
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Special to have my grandpa and grandma Hoover able to attend.
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Dr. Russell. I asked Marnell if I could share with the crowd how he encouraged me when we first started dating. Here we are talking right after I shared.
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Ryan Hoover, our friend who lead two carols.
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My lovely maid of honor!
Marnell and Katrina Wedding-1105
I love this one, with my brother William and son in the foreground, and good friends from my growing up days in the background.

That’s it for now.  I had  trouble with the uploads, which is why this post is late.

Sadly, we have yet to track down the conductor for Engine 6983.   We did find a Youtube video of the same engine in Georgia.  Not really helpful in finding the conductor, but interesting to see “our engine” again.

Sorry so late! Good night!


6 thoughts on “The People Edition”

  1. I think I am in love with little Jaxson…he is just adorable! His parents are very blessed. Thank you for sharing your beautiful day with us Katrina!

  2. First, let me just say how much I love seeing all these happy pictures of your wedding. So much joy! And secondly, all the white dresses & decor was so, so beautiful. ❤️ Thank you for sharing.

    1. Thanks Rosetta! Photos are such a blessing to be able to bring the memories back. And your comment makes me miss you!

  3. I am trying to help you. They put it on that company FB page. In hopes that someone would recognize him. I will ask our office person whose husband works for that railroad company again tomorrow.

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