The Love that Leads the Way

No, this post is not about romance.  I told Marnell that I can’t be writing about him and/or dating all the time. “People like romantic stories,” he said. And oddly it seems like I start writing and he always fits the topic!  But. The kind of love Amy Carmichael was speaking of in her poem when she …

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Vocabulary from the Deep South

Of all the people I talked to about Marnell, Mary was perhaps the most skeptical. “Katrina,” she said, with the dozens of K’s at the beginning of the word, “You have to be reeeeaaaaallly careful about that. You’ve been independent for all these years, so you need to think that over and pray about it. …

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Only Plans! 

Hmmm. Isn’t it uncanny how God knows us? For instance, who knew that I needed a very clear reminder of God’s presence last Thursday? Who knew that I was exhausted from work and slightly anxious?  Who would think of using a beggar with a self-proclaimed bed bug infestation, to remind someone of God’s love? Certainly not Jen.  …

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God Doesn’t Give People Junk

I called my neighbor Mary this afternoon. “Mary, do you mind if I share your stories….? You know about the appliances? And the NIPSCO bill?” “I don’t mind,” she said. Really, she would say, the stories belong to God. A few years ago, during a cold winter month, my neighbor Mary asked God how she was …

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Be a Mary!

“Let me be a Mary!” I wrote this as a prayer in my devotional book one day this week.  I was seated in the closet-sized room Sue and I call our office, taking a moment to catch my breath as the currents of a busy day swirled around me. It’s easy to feel strong when …

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