Brady Street Neighborhood

Fun Food Talk For Your Fourth

Want a great Fourth of July table conversation? Try fun food talk. My sister sent me a book for my birthday called Food Listography. It is filled with empty pages with titles like these.

How To Respond to Begging: One Important Posture!

After I sat down, I saw transformation in Janice. Even though I did not have work for her and gave her no money, she began to talk to me about life. I could see in her eyes that she felt valued by me. We were now just two people sitting on a porch.

She Asked for Help, Then Exploded, Part 2

I replay many of these scenes through my head, wondering if I did the wrong thing. But the bottom line is that, if I am going to remain friends with Janice, I need to be honest with her. A lot of people share advice on beggars, but I often wonder if they actually live in a neighborhood where these same beggars are friends who they actually love and care about. (I’m not talking about the feedback you gave in the comments on last week’s post. I found that helpful and challenging.)

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