Brady Street Neighborhood

The Balloon in the Tree: Truth And Perspective

I think both are false. Truth is absolute. There is a balloon in the tree. We stand on truth. But perspective is relative. I might see it, and you might not. We listen to and acknowledge perspective.

The Final Fate of the Duck

Marnell and Chris pronounced it tasty. I’m not sure that I would go that far, but I could go so far as to say it wasn’t bad.

First Day of Spring on Brady Street? Nope, Not Yet.

The neighborhood is beginning to simmer, like a long-dormant volcano. Seismic energy erupts through the fissures of society here on Brady Street as the sun shines and the temperatures warm. Children pour out of houses onto trampolines. Neighbors emerge without coats on trash day, and we get to exchange more hellos. It’s easier to park cars along the street because you don’t have to work around the snow piles that never got removed. The rumblings of spring have begun.

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