Brady Street Neighborhood


I was walking to work in the daylight Tuesday morning because it was my late morning to arrive and get report from my co-worker Sue.   I had noticed dozens of winged insects, but as I reached the Lexington Street bridge, they began to remind me of the Exodus plagues. I walked on to the …

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A Familiar, Unwanted Place

***WITH WRITING FROM A FRIEND IN PRISON*** Last night, my friend Sarah (who is not in prison) text me, saying she was hungry and asking if I wanted something to eat. “Only brownies,” I replied. “With frosting. And hard liquor.” Unfortunately, I am not making this up, although the last sentence was entirely sarcastic, and …

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Three Messages

I was eating Raisin Bran and honey and milk on Saturday morning in a bowl in my living room. I had just text my family to tell them that I hoped to come visit if I managed to recover my house and my health after getting off a three week stretch of work. My brother …

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The Key

I apologize….. I’m having issues with my blog disappearing and not updating tonight…. Working on it! Let me tell you about an annual tradition of mine.  When it gets to be winter, I tell myself, I should really take good care of myself and my car, by starting my car early so the engine warms …

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Blessed, and blessed, and blessed. 

   Oh, it’s so beautiful in Elkhart tonight! If I were certain this week were my last, I don’t think I could have asked for more…    A massive ice cream party with blobs of Neapolitan melting on the porch boards and three friends scooping flavors until they were sticky.     My neighbor Mary, dipping …

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