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The Animals Reconvene

It’s been a year since the animals waited for the baby to come home from the hospital.

This week, they reconvened for the baby’s first birthday.

By now, there are more animals. And the baby is hardly a baby.

She definitely does not think she’s a baby.

But we’ll keep her a baby, for as long as we can.

Wishing a very happy birthday to Josh from Illinois. A new book and a treat on the trampoline — Now there’s a young man who knows how to celebrate.
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3 thoughts on “The Animals Reconvene”

  1. Sandra Miller

    Dear Sweetheart Anina,
    You are learning and that is so nice. Your adventures will never stop as long as you are inquisitive! And would you know living is a huge adventure?! I have had 75 of those celebrations you call birthdays and it is still exciting!

    Did you ever play with a cat or dog? They are so much fun. Maybe you need to ask your mama and daddy to get you one of those live furry creatures. They are so much fun!

    Have fun!

    Sandra Miller

  2. Jessica Foster

    Happy 1st birthday, Anina! Keep on learning n growing. And know that even at my age( which is 49 years ahead of you) I still learn n grow everyday!!

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