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December Gift-giving Tips: Needlestick First, Present Second

“Can I practice starting an IV on you tonight?” I text Marnell the other day.

I think his response is best shown in picture form.

For those of you who can’t access the picture, he sent me a red-faced emoji with tongue protruding and a bead of sweat rolling down the forehead, then a half-blue emoji in obvious distress, and finally a crazy one with a smile and wacky eyes.

I took that as a yes and took my supplies home.

Just to catch you up to present, after hearing that the local hospital is being overrun, I decided to make good use of my time and try to help. Since I’m pregnant, the director suggested I work on a floor with fewer COVID patients would be best for me. I’m hoping I can find my footing quickly and be of some use before summer.

As a matter of fact I’ve been in class all week and too busy to think of inspirational things to write about. And I still have a lot of other online classes to complete. I told Marnell that since I have so much work and he needs to study for a sermon, we will both have to work like crazy Saturday and not talk to each other.

“Can we start right now?” he asked pleasantly.

He is so unbelievable sometimes!

At any rate, not much inspiration here today.

But if you need a tip for scheduling gift-giving and unpleasant tasks, I have you covered.

What I didn’t know when I applied is that the hospital now expects bedside nurses to put in their own IV’s. Oh, we put them in back in the day—- by calling the phone number of the IV therapy team and telling them our patient needed a new IV.

I thought grimly about my upcoming patients, deep sympathy filling me. There’s only so much that fake skin can benefit a person practicing. I really needed some real human flesh. Oh sure I’ve performed a few needle sticks in my life but the most I did it was 10 years ago in the cholera hospital in Haiti.

Well, we were too busy that night so I didn’t get to stick him. However, two things happened the next night, which turned out to be fortuitous.

  1. I had time to practice.
  2. My present for Marnell arrived in the mail.

“So how about this,” I said. “I’ll practice putting an IV in you and then after you’re really mad at me, I’ll give you the present.”

Well, I think I did make him a little mad, not to mention that I really didn’t succeed or have the satisfaction of feeling like I had accomplished the IV stick. Maybe I should have taken off my kitchen apron. 🙂

However, it was a good experience, as failure often is.

Feel sorry for him yet? Yes, that’s a big-ish needle. 😬

But I think he forgave me when he opened his present, Bose earbuds to replace a pair he doesn’t like. I was quite nervous because he’s very picky about electronics, but as of the last report, he said they are the best he’s ever had!

Store note: Production of CD’s is running behind schedule, but we have some promising leads. We will keep you updated. However, the downloadable audio is half the price and available instantly. And without shipping cost! So you can check those out below in the store.

A delicious photo across the miles from reader Kayla! Isn’t that festive?


11 thoughts on “December Gift-giving Tips: Needlestick First, Present Second”

  1. Marnell is a real trouper! My hat is off to him. There is something to the notion that human beings have a natural aversion to needles. IV’s are the worst since they have to remain in place. Some people inserting them are really good and fast and some aren’t. I always hope for the former. Thank heaven’s I haven’t had to go through that very many times in my life.

    I find it hard to watch the news lately with all the videos of people getting their shots. I have to cover my eyes. In the past didn’t the news people blur the actual injection site when showing a shot being given?

  2. For the most part, I enjoyed my pregnancies. I always felt sorry for my husband-that he didn’t get to feel the babies’ movements like I did. God bless your family of three!

  3. For better for worse, eh? 🥴 Sounds like a interesting evening. Loved hearing about Miracle’s little dance, isn’t it so marvelous.

  4. You have one brave husband…not that I doubt your ability to draw blood either! My husband would never…he hates needles! That is cool that you can help out at the local hospital in this time of need. Your newest book is on my son’s list for his birthday or Christmas! I’m pretty sure our local bookstore (Home Messenger Bookstore, Myerstown, PA) will have it.
    Enjoy getting your Saturday emails! 🙂

    1. Katrina Hoover Lee

      Yes, I don’t know if my husband will ever again either. 🙂 Tell your son to let me know how he likes the story!

  5. Exciting to hear about Miracle’s heel drumming! Thanks for sharing a post when you’re busy and tired. I think the last picture of Marnell says it all (like he’s waiting to hear how great the earbuds are before he commits to any future medical experimentation). : )

  6. I just finished reading “From the White House to Amish” I’m curious after Tom left the Amish church where did he take up membership? And where is Tom a minister in the Mennonite Church?
    I really, really enjoyed the book. Thanks so much for your writing talent!
    Janet Diem

    1. Katrina Hoover Lee

      Thank you for the kind words, Janet. Shoot me an email and I’ll give you more on that. I need to respect the privacy of the characters, as you know. 🙂

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