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Ahoy! Captain Garrison Has Arrived. Launch Day Giveaway!

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The UPS man has just staggered up our porch steps bearing a heavy box of books!

To enter the celebratory drawing, comment on this post (here, or on Facebook) with any QUESTION you can think of about Captain Garrison, or book-writing. It must be a question, not a random comment, to be entered. Contest closes at noon Friday and winner will be announced Friday evening.

You can also join tomorrow evening…

  • IN PERSON at Light of Grace Book Store in Nappanee in Coppes Commons. If you come buy your copy of Captain Garrison in person, you automatically get a signed book and a matching bookmark AND a taste of my home baked indestructible sea biscuit while supplies last!
    • If you have non-bookish people with you, look here for the list of other fun things in the Coppes Commons mall. It will be a great building to be in while it rains!
    • My own personal opinion? Don’t miss the free candy trucks from Culinary Mill for the children, and real food trucks outside (I hear there may be a tent for outside activities).
  • FROM ANY WHERE by live video. I plan to choose the random winner for the giveaway as well as answer as many questions as possible. You’ll get to see the inside of the very cute Light of Grace Bookstore as well as Marnell and I and probably two energetic boys bouncing around or dozing in a sugar coma after they eat their candy trucks. I’m thinking 7-7:30 for the video but I may have to update along the way.

See you then, in person, or online!

Leave your questions before noon Friday to be entered into the drawing. I will try to answer every one in time.



65 thoughts on “Ahoy! Captain Garrison Has Arrived. Launch Day Giveaway!”

  1. What prompted you to write this story? Was it difficult writing about sailing and a life that you had no experience in except through research?

  2. What can I as a homeschool mom do to pique my children’s interest in writing? That’s something we lack in and struggle with!
    I have a 9th grade son who is anxious to read Captain Garrison!

  3. I love reading historical fiction when it’s based on real people and I’ve always wondered… Would you say you spend more time in research for the accuracy of the details or more time in the actual writing process? And do you ever feel like not bothering with checking ‘unimportant’ historical details just so you can keep writing?

  4. So did you keep track of how many miles you traveled and how many states you visited doing research for this book? Does your husband ever get tired of you being wrapped up in your writing? I have enjoyed following your blog for a number of years now. Roger

  5. So, he was real, right? Did you ever worry about portraying him correctly, like, would he know himself if he read your book?

    1. Katrina Hoover Lee

      Lol! Great question, yes! I couldn’t help answering that one right away. If you read it, you would probably find him promptly.

  6. So as a person who absolutely loves to sail, what was his ship like? 1 mast or 2? How many crew did it take to get underway? How long did it take to build? What type of wood was used?
    I would have loved to begin with you when you traveled east for this research!

  7. Does publishing books get easier? In other words is this one less intimidating than your first book? And what inspired you most in his story? I have all kinds of questions so I couldn’t decide which one to ask. 🙂 Have fun tomorrow night!

  8. How could I convince you to have a book signing in Oregon? I was going to ask how long it took to write the book, start to finish, but someone else beat me to it!

    1. Katrina Hoover Lee

      My husband says to tell you, “Buy two round trip tickets!” I would love to come but travel expense is the reality check 😄

  9. My question was going to be Did he ever marry? And yes, however did you hear of this man? And you mentioned sniffing out another story recently??

  10. Was Captain Garrison always, and only, a sailor? Or did he have other occupations as well? I’m excited to read this story!!

  11. Where did you get inspired to write a book about Captain Garrison? I must say just following your research has made me very anxious to read the book!

  12. Do you ever worry that the book will sell? Also, why should I buy this book ( as I’m not usually fortunate enough to win.)😊

  13. You seem to have established a personal relationship with Captain Garrison, don’t you feel sad to have it reach an end?

    1. Katrina Hoover Lee

      Well…not officially. Although I am considering attending the women’s seminar up by my dad’s area. I’m guessing I could work with the bookseller there.

  14. Was writing this story which took place 200 years ago more difficult than your other books which were happenings in your lifetime.

  15. Given that writers are continually improving their craft, would you say that Captain Garrison is your best book, to date?

  16. What are the principal geographical locations of your book? (I’m thinking countries, and sort of cities too…) Hopefully asking the first question counts for a double entry!

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