Voices of Survival

Note: Season One is finished! There Will Be No New Episodes. You Can Still Subscribe to Hear the Previous Episodes.

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Racial conflict? Manipulative beggars? Addiction struggles? Child abuse? Illegal immigration?

Even for Christians, these issues can be confusing and frustrating. There have been plenty of times here on Brady Street that I have wanted to hide. Or just walk away.

Maybe you grew up on a quiet green farm in the country. You don’t understand what it’s like to be arrested, or to struggle with drug addiction, and it seems impossible to ever have any connection with someone who has experienced these things.

“Voices of Survival” shares, in their own voices, the stories of people in our Brady Street, Elkhart neighborhood, who have survived difficult times. You provide dignity by listening to their stories. But the stories will provide you with something too: a sense of gratitude for the childhood that you had, and a sense of compassion for those who have not had it. Here are a few sample voices. Or, listen to the entire trailer at the link below.

Why “Adult Content”

Why is this page marked as “adult content”?  We want to be vigilant about warning you that you should not listen to a podcast the first time with children present. We will never post content that glorifies sin. However, these personal histories come raw. Some stories may contain occasional obscenities or discussion about drugs, jail time, or sexual struggles. 

Why Subscription Only?

Why is this podcast subscription-only? This podcast is only available at Patreon.com/voicesofsurvival. There are several reasons, but the most important is the privacy of our storytellers. We want only listeners who are invested. It means a lot to be able to tell them, the only people listening to this are people who really care about you. Each month, we plan to post three or four podcasts, with no podcasts on holiday weeks. You can listen to these podcasts for $3/month. If you wish to tangibly contribute to the storytellers and receive a Voices of Survival Christmas greeting by mail, choose a higher subscription: $5/ month to help with food for hungry people, $10/ month to help with home maintenance yard work for the elderly Mary, or $20/month to help our friend Chris, who has struggled with addictions, to get his license back and pay legal fees.

Is It Hard to Sign Up?

From the testers of the podcast —

  • Never bought a subscription through Patreon before but it was fast and easy. -Kerra
  • It took me all of 45 seconds! No joke. It was so very easy. Now, I had a Patreon subscriber account already so I didn’t need to sign up for a new account that saved some time but anyway … these podcasts will help stave off the cabin fever on day #65 of self quarantine inside our compound!! Thank you. -Gina
  • I just subscribed and it was super easy and efficient. If I’d have one tiny complaint, it would be having to scroll down”forever” to get to the United States. And btw, you Do Not Need To Apologize for a subscription price. What a small price to be able to invest in this ministry. Thanks for doing this! -Susan

The Patreon app works great on phones, but is not essential –

  • I just got done listening to your podcast. I thought it was fantastic. It worked really well. I was a little worried because my phone is basically on the edge … and I don’t know that it would download an app right now so I didn’t know if I could listen. But it worked great! I didn’t download anything. The link (in the email) took me right to the podcast. -Rebecca

We did hear of someone who had trouble listening from the email link, but then were able to listen in Patreon. Please keep us updated on any way we can help you troubleshoot. Katrina@500-words.com, or call or text me. If I am not smart enough to figure it out, I know someone who is!

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For those of you who do have favorite podcast apps, many of them will work well with Patreon subscriptions. Here is a list I found that shows which ones accept copied private Patreon RSS feeds. I’m assuming they will update regularly, so possibly even if your favorite is not on the list below, it might work. Or go here to see the article where I got the list below.

Please remember, you can listen right on Patreon as well. Best wishes, and contact us with ANY problems!

iOS Apps that work:

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Android Apps that work:

  • Beyond Pod
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