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Desperate and daring, Nicholas seeks a compass for his soul.

1701-1781, a biographical fiction based on the true story of Captain Nicholas Garrison.

Young Nicholas blinked back tears and set his jaw as he watched the full moon rising. He would prove he could be trusted. He would forget the past. As soon as he was old enough, he would leave and go to sea.

Nicholas’ parents had taught him right from wrong. But the bitterness of loss, the anger at cruel treatment, and the lure of a sailor’s loose life led him further and further from God.

After years of braving storms and pirates on the high seas, Nicholas became desperately ill. Then he remembered his Moravian friend, Brother Josef. He remembered the verses his mother helped him learn as a boy. His wicked life stared him in the face.

God had seen every sin he had ever committed. Nicholas was not smart enough to escape nor good enough to go to heaven. His attempts at right living had fallen to the ground, and he had nowhere to hide himself from God. He deserved to die.

“Father God! Give me one more chance!”


    Margaret Nelson
    November 28, 2022
    This is a fascinating book based on the life of Nicolas Garrison who was a sea captain and became a member of the Moravian church in his later life. Katrina Hoover Lee has done an amazing job of filling in the gaps between the known facts about Garrison so that the final product reads smoothly and is an engaging story. It's interesting that in some ways, Garrison's life parallels John Newton's, and in fact they crossed paths at one point. I highly recommend this book to those who enjoy reading historical fiction!
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