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Gary Fitzpatrick does not want to be tricked again. On a trip to Chicago with their parents, Gary and his brothers meet an artist who interested in the Artaxerxes cup at the museum. Is this man hiding something? And if he is, will the proof come in time to save the valuable cup?

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Can the Boys Identify the International Fugitive in Time?

When a newspaper article warns of an international art thief close by, Gary determines to notice all clues this time. He does not want to be tricked again.

The next day, the Fitzpatrick family boards a train to Chicago, hoping to find out more about the surgeon who amputated Gary’s leg. As they travel, the brothers suspect that one of the passengers is hiding something. Why is the artist so interested in the family’s conversation about Nehemiah in the Bible? What are his intentions with the old cup at the museum?

From the train to the doctor’s office to the museum to the lake, the boys sense that the art thief may be close by. But if they find proof, will it be too late to save the valuable cup?

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  1. Nevin Miller

    I really enjoyed this book. One of her best books to date.

  2. Titania Porter

    From a missing doctor to an overly-excited artist to a blind lady with a guard dog to a clumsy, grumpy conductor, there’s a lot of suspicious people in this page-turning adventure. Larry, Gary, and Terry have heard there’s a fugitive in town and everyone on their day trip to Chicago could be him.

    Young readers will enjoy the fast-moving suspense and have a chance to make some educated guesses about the criminal for themselves as they pick up on the details of the story. And parents will be happy to know that the story builds godly values as the boys show respect for their parents and value their involvement and input.

  3. Sylvia

    I really like the mystery of this book!

  4. Cole Miller

    An exciting book! I couldn’t put it down until I was done!
    The best part was when Terry rescued the drowning fugitive.

  5. Melody

    Meet Larry, Gary, and Terry, three brothers who are always up to an adventure. Could their day in Chicago to find a missing doctor, or the train ride to get there, give any clues to the international fugitive they had read about in the newspaper? With the energy and imagination of young boys, they watch for clues.
    The boys find more excitement than they had expected on their trip to Chicago. Join the family on their journey, and learn with them as they focus on a fruit of the spirit (joy). Woven with suspense and family values, young readers won’t be the only ones who enjoy this captivating story.

  6. Helena

    Better than book 1! It continues the story very well and it ends in such a way you really wish the next book was available too already! I’m really curious to find out what part Henry Actually played…! Why does he turn pale every time the police show up?!
    Is having more things what gives joy or is it giving what you have to give? The boys change their mind about what should go on their poster about joy!
    I like how the parents give the boys space to explore and yet teach them what is expected of them ; and the boys respect n obey their parents.

  7. Ashlyn Zimmerman

    The mystery in this book makes it hard to stop reading! There’s never a dull or boring moment with these boys! Also, the Fruit of the Spirit is woven into the story, just right.

  8. Rosy Shenk

    This book picks up right where the first book left off. It’s an exciting trip to Chicago that sets up the second mystery in this series. Terry, Gary, and Larry, along with their parents, travel to Chicago to meet with the surgeon that operated on Gary’s leg years before, but the trip soon involves much more than a simple day trip and an appointment with the doctor.
    Through all the excitement, readers are still reminded of the theme of developing the Fruit of the Spirit in their lives, and what true joy is.
    Full of action and excitement, this book does not disappoint!

  9. Renetta Brovont

    This story will keep young readers captivated as they try to figure out who is guilty. The fast pace and interesting details make you feel like you’re right there with them! I highly recommend this book for reading pleasure and for the Biblical lesson that is woven throughout.

  10. H Joy

    I enjoyed this well-written book that will keep the young reader engrossed. The art is nostalgically delightful and whimsical, howbeit the boys are a bit shaggy.
    The values in this book are solid and strongly affirming of Christian scriptural principles. Though the boys are adventuresome there is close accountability to parents. There is acceptance and concern for the least of these. There is pity for the sinner and his consequences, not satisfaction that he gets his dues. The wrong use of words, whether unkind, or a jumping to conclusions, is always addressed, but in a very natural way. These characters seem real, not fictionally manufactured, though the plot is obviously fiction.
    But best of all, these good things are written in a way that will pull the young reader along, and allow him to absorb the truth therein.

  11. Melissa

    A great continuation of the adventure story begun in book 1. I appreciate the values woven into the story. Well done!

  12. Tena

    So much suspense. Who is the international fugitive? Do they come in contact wit him during their trip to Chicago? Where is Dr. Jeffereson? Travel with the 3 Brady St boys in their new adventure and discover ways of spreading joy.

  13. Ellana Erb

    I loved reading this book. It is a wonderful bedtime read. You won’t be able to put it down ’till you’re done! One part I really enjoyed was when Terry rescued the drowning fugitive. A highly recommended book! Well written.

  14. Emma Filbrun

    I really like this series of books! I read this one aloud to my children, and they enjoyed it very much, as well. It is a gentle mystery with enough action to keep interest up but not enough to scare sensitive children. There are good lessons for boys to learn throughout the story, too, about life, obedience, and joy, and the boys in the story are very real. Instead of being the typical mystery-solvers in most children’s books, where the children seemingly know or can figure out anything, these boys live life much like my own sons. We liked that! We’re looking forward to Book Three.
    I received a review copy of this book from the author, and these are my honest thoughts about it.

  15. Corbyn S.

    This book is very exciting! I recommend this book for children, especially boys, who love adventurous stories with a bit of mystery and alot of excitement in them! I didn’t want to stop reading it until I was finished!

  16. Mary Ann Mast

    Facing the Fugitive is a great read for those who love adventure. I liked the suspense, it makes you want to keep reading until the end. I actually sat down and read it in one evening. I appreciate the challenge of finding joy by thinking of others more then trying to get what I want.

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