E-Book, Rivals on the River, book 5 (Paperback coming soon)


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They’re looking for an elusive man. But is there a surprising answer hidden in the catch of the day?

Summer 1987. Gary Fitzpatrick is trying not to get frustrated. But as he and his brothers continue their search for the missing doctor who amputated his leg, they are running out of money. So when the trail leads them to a small Iowa town on the Mississippi River, they enter a fishing contest in hopes of winning the cash they need.

Making friends with an autistic boy who’s a good angler, the siblings are shocked to discover the vanished physician had rented a room in their new pal’s house. But with the forwarding address locked in a safe with a lost combination and other contestants cheating to claim the prize, Gary fears their quest is coming to an unsatisfying end.

When something smells fishy, can the trio reel in the truth?

Rivals on the River is the captivating fifth book in the Brady Street Boys Adventure Series. If you like characters with faith, appealing heroes, and clever twists, then you’ll love Katrina Hoover Lee’s entertaining puzzle.

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