Captain Garrison Coffee


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Jamaica-inspired coffee in honor of Captain Garrison’s journeys to the Caribbean! 2 oz pouch. As a boy, Nicholas learned from his Spanish friend Joaquin to dip his hardtack into coffee (page 108). Later, Nicholas, meets colleagues at a coffee shop in Manhattan and makes business deals (page 174). At that time, coffee shops were a new concept patterned after similar establishments in London. While on the way to Jamaica, Nicholas and his son are taken prisoner to the island of Cuba. Nicholas and his men receive dark coffee from a shriveled old man. “This coffee is alive,” Seagull Sal muttered (page 229). Captain Garrison is spitting coffee grinds over the edge of the Moravian ship the Irene when a terrible storm blows in. He throws the tin cup away as the ship begins to rock, knowing that more important things than the cup will likely go overboard if they fail to take immediate action (page 326).

Weight 2 oz
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