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Saturday is a hair-raising day at our house. It’s nice to sink in my recliner and take a break from it all and relax and let my mind be taken away. –Joanna

I enjoy the way your life is a story. It is a gift to be able to see the irony or the beauty in the everyday.


I truly find your blog one of the best. It inspires and challenges me.  It makes me laugh. It is a meaningful way to procrastinate when there are dishes to do! –Rosanna

I read your blog first thing Sunday morning before I crawl out of bed here in the lovely city of Amman. I often find something in your blog that connects with the joys and challenges that I’m facing.


Every post takes me somewhere. –Rose Anne

I love your writing style and subjects. I loved your wedding, the search for the conductor, and the stories about your neighbors.


To read the conductor story, click here.

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