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Encouragement for Christian Creatives

Hello! I’m speaking at a library in southern Indiana this morning, but just thought I would share this again. I posted several podcast episodes a few years ago for my tenth anniversary and have just recently added a few more episodes. Please forgive the “barnyard” audio. I need to have my audio-expert husband Marnell help me set up if I continue to podcast! But I do think you’ll enjoy the recent episodes especially, where Gary Yoder shares about growing up as a creative in the Anabaptist culture.

Episode 2 of 3 came out this week. Expect the final episode next week.


New In the shop

  • Book 4 of the Brady Street Boys Adventure Series, Tricked on the Tracks, should arrive next month. Many apologies, we ran out of Book 3, Noise in the Night, so all products with that book are on backorder. I expect to get the new shipment next week.
  • Don’t forget to choose free shipping on orders over $50.



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