The Un-SuperHero

In my life history of worst performance as a human being, the fall of 2019 is beginning to emerge as a strong contender for first place. I’m thinking that, on a scale of 1-10, it ranks about -24. This week I have eaten, in various quantities, at least one of each of the items that …

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The Two-Handed LEGO Boy

  A Professional Mr. Chase, the director of the GEARS robotics programs in Granger and Elkhart, picked up a scissors and a long cardboard box wrapped with plastic bands. “Who would like to do the honors?” he asked. Nick considered this question for about a millisecond and then raised his hand, well before either of …

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The Birthday Boy

8:50 am. This morning. Me, standing at bottom of stairs: “Nick! Are you awake?” Nothing. “Nick!” Nothing. Dracko, from the chair across the room: “NICKLIE!” “Yeah…” Me: “It’s time to get something to eat! And bring your sheets down to start the laundry!” 9:03 am: Nick stumbles into the kitchen, expertly wrapped in bed sheets, …

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Someone’s Dream Life

“I had to turn it into a joke,” Harvey said. When we were in Ontario, our hosts Harvey and Carolyn told us that when they had been married nine months, they took in eight teenage boys. He was recalling the toilet paper crisis and how he had set a quota of three squares of toilet …

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