The List of 40 New Things to Do

Well, never underestimate the value of asking for help. Last week I asked for suggestions to add to my List of 40 New Things to Do to Celebrate Turning 40. I had been collecting ideas for my list, but I needed more. I also wanted creative, easy items to keep from getting bogged down by a list that is supposed to be invigorating.

And I received help, dozens of creative ideas. I’ve had so much fun this week, trying some of the ideas and getting 40 presents from my family, along with a ginormous tin of chocolate from Marnell. I almost forgot that turning 40 is “supposed to be” depressing. On the day of my birthday, Marnell and I ate pupusas, passed out 40 cupcakes (with Anina in tow with frosting all over her hands), went geo-caching (unsuccessfully), and watched the sunset from the top of Elkhart’s tallest building. It was a good day.

I’ve got 40 New Things To Do pretty well defined, but I have a few extra on the list so I can swap out any that I decide against. The list goes from food and recipes to education and books to experiences at home to experiences away from home. I also added several things that I hope to do for most of the next 40 days.

  1. Black Bean Stacks – DONE! Yum!
  2. Pavlova
  3. Ukrainian borscht
  4. Homemade bread with strawberry jam and tomato
  5. Making specialty bread I got four really good-sounding suggestions and I’m not sure which or if all I will pick: pizza crust, English muffins, Subway bread, barley bread
  6. Pinky Up tea
  7. Making cheese – One Hour Cheese book by Claudia Lucero or possibly get my Aunt Virginia to give me a tutorial
  8. Bread-baking class – DONE!
  9. Read The Lazy Genius Way by Kendra Adachi
  10. Read Daring Greatly by Brene Brown
  11. Read The Physician by Noah Gordon
  12. Learn common bird calls (Youtube video?)
  13. Pitch a podcast -DONE!
  14. Do another episode of my writers podcast to consider restarting
  15. Study email providers
  16. Study collaborative software
  17. Make edible Playdough with Anina- DONE- She is not quite old enough, LOL.
  18. Order gift wrap on something I ordered for myself- DONE- oh my word, this may have been my favorite yet. It was so fun.
  19. Ask someone twice my age what life was like when they were 40. DONE, thanks to Marnell’s Mom.
  20. Make 40 cupcakes to pass out to 40 people. DONE
  21. Start composting
  22. Paint a scene on the sidewalk–DONE, similar to the edible Playdough!
  23. Play Pandemic with Marnell – game ordered
  24. Sand road-DONE
  25. Visit the wild horses-DONE
  26. Visit a new restaurant – Relish Cafe -DONE
  27. Visit a new shop – Neighbors Mercantile – DONE
  28. Pray with a stranger in public – DONE (wasn’t really expecting to do this one, but then it just came together!)
  29. Ride little train at the Train Museum with Anina – DONE
  30. Geo caching –DONE, although we didn’t succeed yet
  31. Take a picnic lunch to Krider gardens in Middlebury
  32. Eat pupusas at the El Salvadoran restaurant in Elkhart –DONE
  33. Watch the sunset from a different location than you ever have before –DONE from the top of the highest building in Elkhart!
  34. Visit the zoo or Dutch Creek Animal Farm or both
  35. Milk a goat (hmmm….not sure that I have the right connections for this)
  36. Use a non-book library service like renting a park pass
  37. Leave Anina at the babysitters 24 hours
  38. Visit cousin Anita – this might be our grand finale!
  39. Write a 40-word paragraph and edit and revise it for 40 days
  40. Have a green smoothie (including at least some greens in it) for 40 days
  41. Intermittent fasting for 40 days
  42. Add a song to a play list for 40 days
  43. Read the same Bible passage for 40 days
  44. Send a thank you note almost every day for 40 days – possibly include public officials and people who impacted me years ago.
  45. Post on Instagram (if you want to more photos of my progress, you can head over there, but if you also hate social media, I don’t blame you)

I really love this list, a great combination of fun and beneficial. There are some others that I would really like to do in time, or when Anina is older and can appreciate them more. For example:

  • Send secret friend cards
  • dehydrate foods
  • Start or contribute to a Free Little Library
  • Wear Mommy and Me outfits
  • Many ideas of ways to bless people
  • Many exciting activities: spelunking, biking, hot air ballooning, skydiving and kayaking.
  • Visit a nursing home (I did make a few phone calls, but didn’t find a place yet

And so many more great ideas from emails, comments, and messages. It was enormously helpful, and I hope the rest of you were inspired too. Thanks so much!

P.S. For your next birthday, definitely order something with gift wrap for your self. That was wild!

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6 thoughts on “The List of 40 New Things to Do”

  1. Joanna Hendricks

    Happy birthday, Katrina! I turn 40 next summer, so I love seeing how you’re celebrating and making the most of this special milestone. I am also inspired by your list and may need to compile one of my own. 😊 I especially love the idea of passing out 40 cupcakes; what a clever idea for bringing other people into the celebration, and for making your birthday a time of giving, as well as receiving!

  2. Happy 40th, Katrina! I turned 40 last fall and was surrounded by friends and family planning fun and special things to celebrate. I too love the idea of passing out 40 cupcakes! That’s sweet that you shared with others instead of expecting everything to come your way. ♥️

  3. 40 years ago I just finished high school , the year 1982. I feel old now. Ha!! Enjoy your forties Katrina, it goes by fast……….Have a blessed week!!!!!

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