Early Black Friday Sale + Something New!

Early Black Friday Sale is on!

I always like to have something new for a big sale. I’ll save the new item for last, at the end of this post.

Highlights of the Sale

  • Use the coupon code 25OFF to get 25% off everything in your cart.
  • The sale ends Saturday evening November 20. The coupon code will not work after that date.
  • Sets are marked “SALE” because their normal price is less than regular retail since you are buying several items together. However, they will be eligible for the 25% off code in addition.
  • If your total is $30 or more, the free shipping option will pop up on checkout and you just need to select it.

Save with Sets

  • 5 Copies of Trapped in the Tunnel, first edition. Help other people find out about the new series by giving the book as gifts with this discounted price. Book One is a great way to decide if someone will like the rest of the series. Buy a set of 5 for $39.99 ($49.99 if purchased individually.) Yes, this set will also be eligible for the 25% off sale, so if you use the code they will be even less. Limit 2.

Strange Editions

Something New – Brady Street boys 2022 Mini Calendar – While Supplies Last

  • Calendar – Such a great size – 6.5×8.5. Big enough to hang on a wall if desired, small enough to tuck into a desk at school. The pages are heavy cardstock. Each month has a favorite illustration from Trapped in the Tunnel and Facing the Fugitive. While supplies last. Normally $17.99, they will be 25% off with the code.
  • Combo Set – one calendar and one each of Trapped in the Tunnel and Facing the Fugitive: $35.99 (normally $39.99), less with the coupon code!

I think that’s about it. Happy Shopping!

What is the Brady Street Boys series? Based on the fruit of the Spirit, it is expected to have 9 books. Trapped in the Tunnel is Book One. Here is the series description:

Terry, Gary and Larry Fitzpatrick live in northern Indiana along the St. Joseph River. President Reagan lives in the White House. Gasoline costs 90 cents a gallon. For families like the Fitzpatricks, computers and cell phones are still things of the future. The boys’ Christian parents teach them to pray and give them a project to learn the fruit of the Spirit. They help Gary navigate the pain of losing his leg and his firefighting dreams.

But having a wooden leg doesn’t keep Gary from adventures. With Terry the acrobat, and Larry the brain, Gary begins a quest to find an answer to the most important mystery of all.

What happened to the surgeon who amputated Gary’s leg, and has now disappeared?

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