Week 38 – Snowflakes and Pear Blossoms

Our lives have morphed into a state of keeping track of the countdown. Especially after the doctor told us today that they don’t like to let pregnant women go past 41 weeks. Yikes. That’s two weeks away.

Week 38, Day One, Sunday

Instead of going to church, we ended up in labor and delivery triage due to concerns about my blood pressure.

So I called the doctor and she told us to come in.

“You’re having a contraction,” the nurse told me after hooking me up to the monitor. “Did you feel that?”


We left after my blood pressure proved itself to be fine. The doctor told me to come to the office on Monday for a blood pressure check, before going to work on Tuesday. She wasn’t sure I should be working or exercising if my blood pressure was on the edge.

Week 38, Day Two, Monday

Male doctor: “I don’t see a problem with you going to work, I just don’t want you doing anything really stressful.”

Week 38, Day Three, Tuesday

At work.

Me to some of the other nurses: “The doctor said he didn’t see a problem with me coming to work as long as I don’t do anything stressful.”

Other nurses: chuckles all around. Where does he think you work?

Rest of Tuesday: A relaxing day with great, low-maintenance patients and two baby gifts plus a baby shower cake.

Week 38, Day Four, Wednesday

Standing by the kitchen sink, eating strawberry frosted shredded wheat out of the box, watching out the window as snowflakes and pear blossom petals swirl out of the sky together.

Isn’t that like life? Sometimes I feel like I’m in a snowflake and petal globe, watching the cold and the warm come at me all at once. Maybe the trick is to just enjoy the beauty, and not be overwhelmed or confused by a diversity of emotions.

Week 38, Day Five, Thursday

Got my stressful day there! Literally in tears for a moment or two, I was so overwhelmed. However, my back, which was really bothering me two weeks ago, gave me almost no trouble at all this week. Hurray for Marnell’s expertise at back rubs! Also, this was my last planned day at work for now. So I felt like I could make it through one more day no matter what happened.

Two more baby gifts at work, including a gray stuffed elephant who plays peek-a-boo by flopping his ears over his eyes. He’s currently presiding over a stack of From the White House to the Amish CDs, in the true spirit of disorganization.

Week 38, Day Six, Friday

Another doctor’s visit, with Marnell in attendance. But alas, no progress in the birth department. Which is maybe okay, because the house is a wreck and I have writing to do, and the freezer needs to be defrosted and I have two dresses that need to have their hems repaired. That dress thing may not sound urgent, but please understand, those two dresses are two of the five or so I currently can wear!

Oh, and I think my emotions are deteriorating, because I had a crying episode this day as well.

That’s it! I almost didn’t write a blog for today, but Marnell pointed out that everyone would think I had the baby. So, I guess now I’m locked into writing until she arrives. I plan to post a brief announcement here. Then, as I keep mentioning I’m planning to take a break except for occasional email updates. Sign up below if you aren’t receiving my emails.

Just a note on the snowflakes – they’re gone now. But the garden is still littered with pear blossoms. That seems hopeful to me!

12 thoughts on “Week 38 – Snowflakes and Pear Blossoms”

  1. Thanks for the opportunity to win the audio book! Try to enjoy these last few days. Your precious little girl will be here soon, and it will be over and starting to move so fast!
    Blessings and prayers for a safe delivery!

  2. Thanks for the update on your life! I pray that delivery will go well for you! it is exciting to be so near to meeting this baby. It does forever change your life but that too is special.

  3. Exciting times ahead for you and Marnell, when they place that precious baby into your arms!!

  4. My dil went overdue with her first 2, the 3rd arrived EARLY!! They like to SURPRISE EVERYONE!! She is over halfway with #4 and I don’t even know her exact due date (she told us the month, I didn’t ask what day !! : )
    Your “lady in waiting” days are almost behind you!! BLESSINGS as you countdown to DELIVERY!!

    P.S. My grandson is LOVING / LOVED (?!) reading your “Brady Street mystery books”! I did NOT ask him, I asked his mother therefore, he did NOT violate any privacy conditions!! : )

  5. I remember my midwife telling me, when I was soooo tired of being pregnant, “Don’t rush him out. He’s much easier to take care of on the inside.” Maybe that’s not particularly encouraging but I always look back on that and grin. (I was still glad to have them “outside” a few days later!)

  6. Linda Sprouffske

    Just delighted for you that all is going well and just continue to live loved and choose joy.

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