A Song For Miracle

“What shall I write in my blog?” I asked Marnell late last night.

“Hmmm. You should write…” he stopped to think.

Then of course I stupidly kept talking and answered my own question. “That I’m going crazy and don’t have time to write anything and should have started my maternity leave?”

Usually I’m not this disorganized. But, I’m barely staying above water, even though I’m doing things that I think are worthwhile.

  • Much as I hate getting up early to go to work, it seems to be good for me. Besides, I see so many people in worse situations than my own. The perspective is valuable.
  • Also, I’ve been trying to work desperately on the adventure series. Again, I enjoy it. But I seem to be running out of time. Book Two is only about half done.
  • Also, we are producing audio CD sets of From the White House to the Amish in bulk for sale at book stores.
  • Then there’s the general upkeep of the house, which seems to be drifting into chaos.
  • And the constant demands of various social engagements and church functions, planning VBS and carry-in meals, etc.
  • And, naps.

I seem to forever be taking naps. Of course, I can’t take them at work, but I catch up on the day after work by sleeping even more than normal.

How are you supposed to get things done when you end up sleeping?

But, enough. I know everybody has a list like that.

I do have one thing to share.

We’re “teaching” Miracle a new song.

Hey, the books all say that babies can hear by this stage, so why not?

We spent last weekend with our church family in an 8 bedroom beach house in Michigan City, Indiana, just a few blocks from Lake Michigan. We played games, ate lots of food, and walked down the boardwalk to the beach lined with snow banks.

Probably the focal point of our weekend came on Saturday. Vancen, our guest speaker, shared about burn out and it’s various causes. Around noon we each began to share where we are in our personal journeys. As people shared and cried we all got the feeling that we were not alone. Often we think that we are the only ones struggling with this or that. But a good old sharing time dispels this notion.

Somewhere in the middle of all this, Justin taught us a new song. Actually, he attempted to sing it with us the Sunday before, and ended up mostly singing a solo. So I guess he was anxious to get us trained so we could join him next time.

As we sang the song, the living room area of the beach house seemed to lift off and soar.

We had been talking about playing a song for Miracle every night when we go to bed. (Actually the doctor suggested that WE sing her a song. But we know where our talents do and do not lie.)

Since the weekend, I’ve started playing the one Justin taught us. Unfortunately, I don’t think there is a free version online for me to share with you. There was one men’s ensemble I found, but it didn’t have the power of the choral arrangements, so I bought the song from Keith Lancaster and the Acapella Company.

Here are the words to this beautiful song.


Your love is more than my mind can fathom
More than I know
Your love is more than the highest heavens
More than forever

Before creation you knew my name; You formed my life in your hand
You breathed in me and I came to life
You heard my voice when I cried
You put the touch in my fingertips; You put a song on my lips
You touched my eyes and I see the world
My ears to hear Your words

Before you knew me, you loved me so; When I had no place to go
You came to me when my way was lost
Your love flowed from a cross
You put warmth in a heart so cold; Made me a lamb in your fold
Gave me a purpose, a destiny
Lord you set me free

Sometimes the future seems so unsure
Sometimes my heart is afraid
I draw my comfort from knowing you
Lord you are my friend
More than my mind can fathom
More than I know
Your love is more than the highest heavens
More than forever

Question: do you think Miracle will recognize this song after she is born?

I’m not sure how we would tell anyway. But it’s bound to be a great experiment. And maybe just as valuable for me to hear every night!

Have a restful weekend! And please take a nap, so I don’t feel so alone. 😀

24 thoughts on “A Song For Miracle”

  1. You are an amazing woman to do all these things while pregnant. Yes, I believe she well could recognize the song after her birth and if you keep it up she might be singing it at a very young age💗(Do you have your baby name(s) picked out yet?)

  2. Just this morning, I was reading the Caring Bridge entry for a tiny preemie baby. This is a comment from there, “Kendrian’s chest heaved in sobs when we talked to him. … He calmed down a bit when we sang Jesus loves me in English and Spanish. I’m sure he heard that song quite often in utero as it’s Adrick’s most chosen favorite.” I thought it interesting in relation to your question about a baby recognizing a song.

  3. My piano teacher said that in her Lamaze class she was encouraged to pick a song she felt especially soothing and play that all during her pregnancy and during the birth. She described the song (Canon in D) in great detail— how much she loved it and how beautiful the ocean sounds in the background of the recording were. The birth happened and baby made his way into the world. Several years later this child heard Canon in D and got very excited. My piano teacher had never told her son about this piece of music and the part it played in bringing him into the world. She is convinced he recognized it from his utero days 😉.

    You’ve picked a beautiful song for Miracle learn 🥰

  4. I truly believe your daughter will recognize the song if you sing it enough just like she will know your voice after she is born. I’m so excited for you two and I can’t wait for your baby girl to get here❣

  5. Miracle will love the song; it’s a beautiful one to sing! The Acapella Company has a video of that song, which we enjoy hearing.

      1. Please help me find the video on The Acapella Company website! The song is called ‘More’ is that correct? Recall what album it might be from? I’ve been looking through their website but am unsure what the correct title is…so I went with the ‘More’. Thanks!

        1. Katrina Hoover Lee

          Yes, it is called more! But the video I found was an all-male quartet. The recording I like the best is a mixed choir, and I don’t believe there is a video for that version.

  6. Janeen Histand

    She may or may not know the song when she is an infant. But my little sister was born a few years after 9/11 and we enjoyed and often played the Amazing Grace CD that CAM passed out. Then when she was 2 years old, as she is learning to talk she was singing Amazing Grace.

  7. Jessica Foster

    Oh dear Katrina, you’re not alone in the nap department. Which is sad for me because I am not even pregnant! Although my heart failure may contribute to that, you by far have a greater reason for napping, guilt free too.
    I truly believe Miracle will recognize this song after she arrives. God is such a great designer when it comes to things like this. I daily pray for Marnell, you n sweet Miracle. I look forward to meeting your sweet pea.

  8. Take those naps! And enjoy every minute of them! I remember bemoaning to my mom about how much time I was “wasting” in naps, and how will I ever manage a second pregnancy if I have baby #1 to watch after, and she advised, “Take the naps. Enjoy this time while you have it. And God will give grace as needed for the second time around.” That eased the guilt factor for me. 🙂 And I think Miracle will recognize the song! Can’t wait to “meet” her!

  9. This is beautiful… Your baby is being given such a safe, joyful beginning! Would to God all babies could find their mommy’s womb/outside world such!

  10. I can’t wait to “meet” your Miracle. She will be amazing, just like her parents. Give yourself tons of grace at this stage. After all it’s a “geriatric pregnancy” remember? Ha! Anyway you are not alone in feeling overwhelmed about pregnancy or life in general. I will breathe prayers for you as you come to mind. And as to Miracle recognizing the song? Yes, I believe she will. My family had a song we sang often before one of my sisters was born. One evening when she was still newborn, we sang this song again. She had been fussing a little and by the time we were finished singing she was sleeping on my mom’s lap. It was amazing!

    1. Katrina Hoover Lee

      “Geriatric pregnancy!” A great term. I feel exceedingly geriatric at times, that’s for sure.

  11. I know of a couple where the man sang “Jesus Loves Me” to his unborn daughter, and she would always calm down when he sang it for her after she was born.

  12. Oh yes, I expect Baby will recognize the song!
    And please please don’t feel guilty about the naps. (I speak from experience!) Your pregnant body is doing an important work and needs lots of rest. You will reap benefits later for taking necessary rest now.

  13. We sang a LOT as a family when i was pregnant with our fifth child… and then she was a preemie so we spent hours singing to her while doing skin to skin kangaroo care. This child started singing as a wee toddler and is an exceptional song bird for her age. You can also do this with scripture verses…play or read the same chapter to her every day and your toddler will recite after a few weeks. A must read for new moms on this subject is Create a Better Brain through Neuroplasticity by Debi Pearl. Our babies brains are like wet cement and we can stamp them with anything we want!

  14. I don’t know you but I will speak from a grandma’s perspective…don’t berate yourself for taking naps when you can! You want the little miracle to be as healthy as she can be and that means keeping mama healthy..and happy 😁. As far as singing…they definitely do recognize songs…our first grandchild was a 3lb 4 oz preemie that spent 6 wks in NICU …part of the time under the bili light with her eyes covered, which she hated. It was amazing how singing “Jesus Loves Me” soothed her and kept her quiet! And it was before COVID or else we couldn’t have been in the NICU. So keep singing!

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