Oops! and winners announced

Ugh – that last post that is now a broken link was my Saturday draft escaping out of my corral two days early. I wouldn’t have noticed if Marnell hadn’t seen it come through on his phone. I thought about leaving it because it was almost finished but I planned to have Marnell read it yet, and I like to go over it later in the week. So I deleted it. If you read it before I deleted it, I will apologize in advance – it’s coming again Saturday, and may not be much different.

If you are curious, I will announce my continued good health, fever-free. I’m chalking my sore throat up to allergies.

Congrats to Jessica Foster and Martha Hess for winning the two planners in the giveaway. To see what you missed, go here to the Ultimate Weekly Planner.

Whew. It’s exhausting catching runaway horses, so I’ll sign off!

Photo by Jelleke Vanooteghem on Unsplash

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