Coronavirus Diary of “THINGS SEEN AND HEARD” with a “Stay At Home” Giveaway

Someday, people will say, “Remember that coronavirus deal in 2020?”

Some people won’t remember the details because they didn’t actually record them. Some will remember the angry opinions of extremists on one side or other of the issue. Others will remember the deaths of loved ones. Some may remember that they never saw anyone sick.

I just like to remember what happened in my corner of the world. So I hereby make a diary entry, which I will try to keep entirely objective and free of opinions, other than recording what I see and hear. Thankfully, none of my details involve a serious illness of anyone close to me, for which I am grateful.

March 16, 2020, Monday

5:15 am – Half awake, I read a re-tweet from a friend as follows, before getting on the treadmill:

“One way to think about social distancing is that to contribute to a great national cause in World War II you had to, like, die face down in the muck on some tiny pacific island, now you can literally stay at home, watch the sopranos or that Netflix dating show and be a hero. ”

Matthew Zeitlin (the original tweeter)

7:25 – Walking to the Electric Brew to have coffee with Sarah. Walked across 3rd Street against the walk signal because no cars are coming.

7:30 – Arrive at Electric Brew. Three customers total in the building. Signs on the floor reminding people to leave distance between each other because “Corona Sucks.” Signs on the table say: Practice Social Distancing. Practice Self/other care. Interventions include: 6 feet from other people. Only TWO chairs per table, PLEASE!

7:45 – Sarah on the phone with the owner of the cafe where she works, trying to decide if they will be staying open. Ohio, Illinois, and Michigan have closed restaurants to dining in.

8:00 – Sarah receives an email stating that Oasis Chorale practice is canceled. She dialogues with her sister, also endowed with musical talents, about this new cancellation.

8:30 – Katrina on the phone with Teen Challenge (a local Christian rehab) about a needy neighbor who Marnell and Katrina have been trying to get into the program. Teen Challenge may not be accepting any new admissions due to the coronavirus, the intake coordinator explains.

8:45 – More customers coming in. A man at the counter explodes, stating passionately that the coronavirus is a construction of governments trying to control their subjects and is way less potent than the flu. The cashier hears him out, agreeing occasionally.

8:50 – Katrina texts Marnell with the news about Teen Challenge possibly not accepting new people.

9:00 – Marnell says, “What! … Surely … Someway ….” (We’ve been working with this case for what seems like a long time.)

9:40 – Sarah talks about signing up for something in 2021, but says she might not be alive then. Or did Katrina say that?

10:00 – Katrina’s computer runs out of battery and she heads home. More cars present now.

Help me out With My Coronavirus Diary- And You Could Win a Prize That Will Help You Pass The Time

What are you seeing or hearing about the virus in your neck of the woods? Leave a comment or photo on this post (Facebook or on the blog) of something you SAW or HEARD, with an approximate time you saw it or heard it. (Personal opinions will be deleted unless you are quoting someone you saw or heard. Not saying you shouldn’t have opinions, just that they are not relevant to this post.)

I’ll pick a name out of the comments to win a book from Marnell’s Choice Books days called Word Searches for Kids. It’s a cute little Bible Word Search book that will help your family pass the time if your school is closed, or if you test positive and have to stay home. Inside the book, you will see “The Last Supper” (shaped like a cup and bread) and “A Night with the Lions” (shaped like the head of a lion), among others.

Thankfully, I can mail it to the winner, since the US Postal Service seems to still be in operation. Sorry, but I think I will restrict it to winners in the United States. CHANGE: Entries accepted through Tuesday, March 17. I will be working and unable to mail the prize anyway. Thank you for your interesting perspectives!

All the best physical and psychological health to you and yours!

73 thoughts on “Coronavirus Diary of “THINGS SEEN AND HEARD” with a “Stay At Home” Giveaway”

  1. Monday- had a full week of baking planned for a vendor event, event canceled because of “virus”.
    9:30 am – at walmart to get needed weekly groceries. Guy at the eggs case, “And no eggs left either.” Me, ” Glad I have chickens!”

  2. 10:35- It appears to me that our little town of Odon is going about business as usual except for the bank, it’s doing service only through the drive thru. I saw lots of vehicles at the meat market and grocery store so people are still out and about.

    1. I’m from Pa but currently in Manitoba Canada helping as a care giver for my sister in law who has a terminal illness. I’m constantly keeping my eyes on the news as I would like to get home before they close the borders. We went shopping today and no where did they have milk, flour, and toilet paper!

      1. Katrina Hoover Lee

        Thanks for sharing Michelle. That’s stressful when you have borders to cross. One of Marnell’s co-workers wanted to cross into Canada today and was unable. But coming this way might be different.

  3. We just returned from a mission trip to Kenya. Their president forbids hand shakes presently, so the usual “greet your pastor” after church was elbow bumping with much enjoyment!

  4. 6:30 am on vacation. One year old is wide awake since we’re three hours west of her accustomed time zone. No sleeping in this trip!

    8:30 am. Adventurous guys return from their sunrise hike. We have a hearty breakfast together and discuss how we can spend the day that will give us the optimal enjoyment of sunshine after many rainy days.

    Do I even share about being on vacation and hoping for a flight back home when most people are quarantined either by choice or necessity? Either way, we really hope to be home safely later this week and wish peace to everyone in the midst of this upheaval.

  5. Approx 10:20 this morning I was at the Walmart deli. I wanted since cheese sticks only to see an empty case and remember that they can’t stock the deli food right now.

  6. I went to the pharmacy to get refills on prescriptions this morning. As I waited for the pharmacist to do his duty, an elderly man came for refills too. He said he did not need them for three weeks, but he didn’t know what might happen in the coming weeks.
    His request was denied.
    Another customer came for refills.
    She was told her one medicine wasn’t available until tomorrow.
    Both of my refill were not available today either.
    Very unusual.
    I went to Hyvee, parking lot jammed. Customers wiped the cart handles with sanitizer wipes. Others left the store, carts heaped with groceries.

  7. Monday, 8:19 am. A text from my husband (who works in health care): “I have a normal temp this morning.” Approximately the same time, my children were exulting about not having to go to school for the next three weeks.

  8. 3.16.20
    In our neighborhood we have a group of ladies that meets once a month, 10-12 ladies. When the news was coming out the other day (3.12) of products hard to find due to people stashing grocery items, our group got an email from a member suggesting that we support one another in this crisis. If one needs a product we would share with each other. Another lady suggested getting grocery items for others since she was going to the store. (3.16)Care came out in our community in this way

  9. Dawn Harshbarger

    Nine months of the year I drive bus for Blooming Prairie Public School. Today begins two weeks of paid vacation – something that has never happened before in the 15 years I’ve been driving. 7:30 – I fix breakfast of Spam and eggs and toast. Ellis decorates his sandwich with ketchup and drives to work. I get to read while eating my breakfast.
    8:30 – Throw Ellis’s clothes from his suitcase into the washer. He just flew home on Saturday from VA, very happy to be off the plane and out of the airport.
    9:00 – Talk to my mom and get a shopping list from her. I will be getting her groceries this week.
    10:00 – Walk a mile with Leslie Sansone. Drink a couple glasses full of water.
    10:30 – hang up laundry
    10:45 – catch up on some reading , including this blog. Try to figure out if the phone call I received yesterday telling me school is closed for two weeks counts for “Things seen and heard.” Decide to chance it and send in my quiet morning at home … on my first day of “vacation. “

    1. Katrina Hoover Lee

      Wow! Yes, that definitely counts! My favorite phrase was “decorates his sandwich with ketchup.” 😀

  10. On Friday evening at 7:30 my husband had a meeting with the school board, teachers, and pastors. The decision was made to follow the mandates of the law and cancel our small private school for 3 wks. Saturday morning I saw him write a statement on the computer to inform the parents of our plan of action. It includes homeschooling with teachers input. 😁

  11. March 16, 2020 11:30 a.m. – My sister called and we talked about the virus for a bit. Then she asked “Have you heard the joke about the Coronavirus?”
    I replied “no”.
    Then she says, “Well, you probably won’t get it.” 🤣

      1. Katrina Hoover Lee

        As long as you have an email address attached to your comment, I can find you!

  12. I realized this morning when my online order of baby diapers was cancelled with an email saying they cant fulfill my order that it isn’t just TP that is unavailable it’s also diapers. Let’s just hope that the people buying them actually have children in their life that use them otherwise I’m going to say people have totally went crazy 😄 I went back on the website to see it I could order another size box and all the diapers listings now say temporarily unavailable. 🤷‍♀️

      1. I’m not in America but I can’t resist sharing. Nathan and I went mattress shopping (determined not to be quarantined sleeping on this tiny futon!) and grabbed supper at a nearly-empty burger shop. The employee blew into his glove to open it (!!) but then kindly offered to give us our own gloves to eat with. Walking past a barbershop, we saw a man smoking the notoriously communal hookah…underneath a mask. This afternoon Nathan saw a little boy cautiously come out of his building, hand over his mouth, to throw the trash. He bumped into someone on the sidewalk and skittered off terrified, apparently praying. But no one here is panicking over toilet paper. 😉

  13. So I’m not in America but I can’t resist adding…Nathan and I just went mattress-shopping and grabbed some supper in an empty burger shop. The employee blew into his gloves to open them, but then proceeded to ask us if we’d like gloves to eat our own burgers. We’ve seen people wearing masks, pulled down on their chins. Nathan saw some poor little boy bump into someone on the sidewalk and skitter off praying and holding his hand over his mouth. We’re taking Arabic classes via video. It’s a surreal situation here, too.

    1. Katrina Hoover Lee

      I am very happy you shared and I was hoping to hear from people outside the US! I just don’t find it a good idea to consistently send prizes with $20 shipping fees. I love the gloves story, especially if you are talking about the city on the (seven?) hills. I would really like to go back sometime.

  14. At our small town coffee shop: ‘we weren’t even thinking about this a week ago! A customer just told me the lobby will be closed by 9 o’clock tonight… I’m so glad we decided to put in a drive through.’

  15. 2:51pm. Sitting in the hospital parking lot and staring at the triage tents set up outside. Breathing a prayer for grace and strength to enter the fray for the next 12 hours. Dont know if this counts as “seen” but its my current view.

    1. Katrina Hoover Lee

      Definitely counts! I was hoping to hear some perspective from medical personnel in that line of work. Blessings…

  16. Krista Burkholder

    I know this is an international post. But I thought you might enjoy hearing it from a slightly different perspective. This is how I view it from Belize.
    Friday, March 13. 6:25 pm. stopped by to chat with a friend and discussed how the virus is affecting her job. (she works in a tourism related field). And how there are students that are not sure if they can make it back to Canada. And how 7 clients canceled reservations.
    6:30 – 9:30 singing and v-ball with youth group. Glad one thing is still normal!
    9:35 the talk begins. Borders closing, travel restrictions, government talk… All things virus. The people here (Belize) are frantic already. What will they do when there is actually a reported case?? We discuss what the possible results might be. And of course, we discuss cleaner, hand sanitizer, and toilet paper.
    9:50 I get a text saying nearly all the mennonite schools in PA are asked to shut down.
    10:30 I Google ‘Coronavirus in Belize’ and confirm no reported cases. Practice social distanceing and wash your hands! Also various social media posts throughout the day.
    Sunday 10:45. overhead the men’s discussion after church.
    ‘you would have thought it was sale day at [local store] yesterday! There were so many people shopping.’
    ‘Mr. [friend] said he bought 5 pocket size hand sanitizer bottles because that’s all he could find.’

    I have not been to town to witness this first-hand yet. Wednesday could be interesting. Also, a common question is what will happen when there are actually reported cases here? Only God knows that.
    It is a unique thing to watch what’s happening all over the world while being in a country that hasn’t been directly affected yet.

    1. Katrina Hoover Lee

      I am definitely delighted to hear from people in other countries! Thank you for sharing!

  17. 7:45 a.m. Went to the grocery to try to grab a few things. As I stood looking at the empty milk cooler an older gentleman paused beside me, who had milk in his cart, and offered his gallon to me.
    8:15 a.m. I stand in the check out line behind a lady who has an enormous amount of groceries. She chatters with the kind clerk. The clerk talks about how her hands are so dry from using so much hand sanitizer. The lady ahead of me grabs a bottle of lotion off the rack in the check out lane and offers to buy it for the clerk.
    It made my day to see/hear people being kind and generous!!

  18. March 16, 8:30 am. We proceed with school & life as usual. Unfortunately, homeschoolers are not benefitting from a school break like others. 😂

  19. 5:15 am- roll over to check my phone for texts. Sure enough, my Mom in Florida informed my family that “Governor Cuomo has closed down New York.” Really? No text from our administrator…

    After a quick Google search, I clarify to Mom that it is New York City schools that he closed.

    1:00 pm – This time I’m at school. Quickly checking my phone for any texts from my school Moms, I spy one from my brother that says “Gov. Cuomo has closed all restaurants, bars, and schools.” No time to check the validity of this report.

    In the meantime I recite 0x5=0; 0×1=5; 0x2=10, until my 2nd graders get my attention. I apologize, explain that I was thinking about something else, but do not tell them that I am mentally planning for a school closure. That comes later…maybe…so many unknowns…

  20. Debra Burkholder

    5:15 am- roll over to check my phone for texts. Sure enough, my Mom in Florida informed my family that “Governor Cuomo has closed down New York.” Really? No text from our administrator…

    After a quick Google search, I clarify to Mom that it is New York City schools that he closed.

    1:00 pm – This time I’m at school. Quickly checking my phone for any texts from my school Moms, I spy one from my brother that says “Gov. Cuomo has closed all restaurants, bars, and schools.” No time to check the validity of this report.

    In the meantime I recite 0x5=0; 0×1=5; 0x2=10, until my 2nd graders get my attention. I apologize, explain that I was thinking about something else, but do not tell them that I am mentally planning for a school closure. That comes later…maybe…so many unknowns…

  21. Saturday, March 14: At 6 pm (or as quickly as people could politely remove themselves from the 450 person wedding reception), the Mountain View Nursing Home Board, Admin & Managers get together to put together a feasible way to following the ever changing recommendations from CMS. At 8 pm, all available staff gather to get their new marching orders and volunteer to pick up extra meal shifts so all residents can be fed on a reasonable schedule. Admin & staff work on resetting the dining room/great room to accommodate 6 foot distancing between residents, and finally fall into bed around midnight.

    Sunday, March 15: Admin & managers up and at it at 6 am, trying to make breakfast run as smoothly as possible on its first run with no ‘Communal Dining.’ Still no restrictions for religious meetings, church is bulging at the seams with residual travelers that came for the wedding. Every cough is scrutinized by the medical personnel sitting in the sanctuary. Later in the day, we find that there are now restrictions to limit gatherings to 100 persons.

    Monday, March 16: Upon entering the nursing home, I took my temp and acknowledged that I had no new or worsening sore throat or cough (plus an assortment of other conditions) before I could cross the threshold into ‘resident territory.’

    This is only a minuscule snapshot of the swirling vortex of coronavirus information & stipulations & manifestations surrounding the most vulnerable population right now.

    Did I mention my one year old is teething badly? I know, not coronavirus related, but at 2 am, nothing makes sense.

    1. Katrina Hoover Lee

      Wow! Thanks for that nursing home perspective! Quite important since we’ve all heard of the Washington facility that had so many issues.

  22. 12:41 p.m. received a call from the place where our daughters wedding reception was to be held at. It is cancelled due to guests being over 50 people. It seems the wedding also will not be as planned on March 21, 2020. As of now we don’t know what they will someday be telling their children about their wedding day.

  23. Yalonda Miller

    Monday, March 16, 2020
    4:12 a.m.: I am groggily checking my college email to see if my clinical is still on for the day. After clicking “Clinical canceled for MWH and SH for AM clinicals Monday March 16: NSG210” I read the following:

    I apologize for the late notice. Based on recent updates regarding COVID-19 clinical assignments on Monday, March 16 am clinical is canceled.
    OB evening clinical to be determined.
    This will give us a chance to check with the MWH/SH administration regarding an ongoing plan for clinical assignments.
    Please be prepared to attend your next assigned clinical as assigned.
    Please check back for updates, KM

    3:50 pm: After working a shift for a friend, I check my email again and read:

    Clinical Update- MWH, S. and S. Clinical resume tomorrow March 17 as scheduled. Students who wish to opt-out of clinical please note:
    If you plan to opt-out of a clinical you need to notify your clinical instructor, KM and Dr. L 24 Hours PRIOR to your clinical assignment.
    Student safety is our priority. Students may choose not to attend specific clinical hours due to concerns related to COVID-19. They are expected to notify the GCC faculty of their decision per program policies. Please note that the completion of academic and/or clinical course content is required for course completion and graduation. The inability to complete clinical hours will result in awarding a grade of “Incomplete,” which will impact graduation status until the coursework is completed.
    *** All plans are SUBJECT to change……email or text me if your students have concerns. KM

    1. Katrina Hoover Lee

      Oh wow! That’s a stressful day! It makes me grateful I’m not in school. Blessings!

  24. 7:26PM I read the comment on Katrina’s post about people not being able to get their meds & I momentarily panic (maybe this will affect me more than I think!), knowing my daughter told me this morning that she has 5 more days worth of seizure meds & the pharmacy closes at 7PM! Well, I need to make a phone call in the morn! We were busy all day selling food at a food stand at an auction that amazingly wasn’t cancelled & I was wearing plastic gloves to handle money, my hands still feel like I have them on.

    1. Katrina Hoover Lee

      Interesting! Best wishes for the pharmacy, but I assume they will still have meds that are due!

  25. 4:00 pm one of my friends posted from NYC their daughter spiked a sudden fever of 103.5, and was taken to the ER after thinking about the time just the past weekend spent in a crowd of 400, maybe should get test for CO-VID19. But after waiting 4 hrs got nothing. Was told we can’t do tests unless you are bad enough to hospitalized. (??) so there could literally be 100s of thousands walking around w the virus, tho not bad enough to be hospitalized w the virus, unknowingly. Which if tested and w milder symptoms recover well, could bring the numbers of fatality rates way down but without enough tests, how can any number ever be accurate???? Thank God He is bigger than this!!

  26. Carolyn Martin

    As a teacher with an empty classroom, I slept past my normal leaving for school time. Then I read the latest virus news in the newspaper with a cup of hot tea. Part of my day was filled with household jobs that usually get done by someone else or wait until after school. Part of the day was spent making plans for the staff meeting tomorrow morning…what is this “vacation” going to look like?

    Our part-time high school greenhouse help all showed up for full-time work this morning.

    My nephews (16 and 14) were around to help Dad finish cleaning out the turkey houses and unload a tractor trailer load of sulfur since their dad is under the weather and can’t help.

    Overheard Dad tell Mom that the doctor told the above brother to be careful. Catching this virus could be dangerous for him with his current asthma issues.

    Sent a photograph of the headline “Ireland’s Tradition of Kissing the Blarney Stone Halted for the First Time Ever” to a couple of friends who were brave enough to kiss the stone two years ago.

    I looked out the window at dusk, thinking I’d see snow falling. It felt like it should be a bad weather day…my scheduled life was slightly off-kilter.

  27. Here in New Zealand, the Easter Conference we have attended annually since 2014 has been canceled, as far as we know, because as of yesterday morning at 1:00 am all travelers entering the country must self-isolate for two weeks. All the speakers were from overseas. So, we don’t know what we’ll be doing Easter weekend.

    1. Katrina Hoover Lee

      Interesting! Thank you for sharing from your corner of the world. It’s fascinating to hear what’s happening.

  28. My day begins by getting my girls off to school for the last time until at least April 6. I cancel my appointment for a physical, because I need my day to get my ducks in a row to begin homeschooling on Tuesday. My ducks never do align. I go to Wal-Mart after my morning routine, hoping to beat the rush. I almost leave my 5 year old home with an older sibling, not because I am afraid of the virus, but because I am afraid of the fear and anger. I cave when she gives me a melt-your-heart hug and pleading look. Walmart is full for a Monday morning… Well, full of shoppers. Not full of paper products, eggs, and vitamin c. I haven’t been shopping for 11 days and hope to stay home for another 2 weeks, so I pack my cart with staple groceries, feeling like I look like a hoarder. The cheese cooler is nearly empty, but there is lots of smoked string cheese, our family’s favorite. I stock up. I observe that many of the shoppers appear to be elderly, and I do not see fear or anger in anyone. We smile, and say excuse me like always. At three o’clock I pick up the girls, and chat with the teachers about our action plan for the coming weeks. I make a couple local stops for cheese and oatmeal and flour. I have never been more grateful to live back a long country lane, with a freezer full of beef and a herd of milk cows. I look at the sign on my kitchen wall extra long before going to bed. It says, “Be still, and know that I am God.”

    1. Katrina Hoover Lee

      That’s a great sign to meditate on! Thanks for the colorful sketch of your day.

  29. Mary Ann Martin

    Friday afternoon. I waited until Derrick was home so I could run to Sam’s Club alone. I got there about 5:15. The checkout lines were long. Meat displays were empty. The walkin cooler for dairy was completely out of milk, but they did have creamer.
    In the freezer section I pulled a bag of hashbrowns out and a gentleman, probably in his 60’s leaned over and said, “I’ve never been so embarrassed to buy groceries. ” We both laughed and I said I’m glad they still have a few things that are on my list, and I’m really glad I don’t need toilet paper!” Apparently he felt safe telling me that he wasn’t a hoarder and assumed the same of me. 😃
    By the time I got to the checkout it had calmed down and there was only one cart ahead of me in the line.

  30. 3.15While resting sun aft we read “IL closes all restaurants for 2 weeks beginning Mon eve” ( My husband is in the food service, owns a business selling local produce and farm products to the St. Louis area as well as here in IL). Later in the eve we hear what we do not want to hear- St. Louis closes all dine-in restaurants for 8 weeks!
    3.16 Husband scrambles to find some plan, spending hours on the phone…
    3.17 6pm- Two trucks are being loaded with almost 5,000 pounds of fresh produce and over 3,500 dozen eggs. They are headed to St Louis in the morning to soup kitchens which churches over there are getting running for the many people out of work! Maybe will halt the possible future riots..?
    (Ps. Lest we are credited w great generosity, the cost of these products is being reimbursed to us, but we also are very grateful this product is not going to waste!)

    1. Katrina Hoover Lee

      What a great idea! Thanks for sharing your diary. I hope the 3,500 dozen eggs find lots of hungry people!

  31. 5:03 pm 3/17 [Chihuahua, Mexico]
    Went to Walmart. Place looks normal, except they’re out of hand sanitizer and face masks. A print-out in the paper/cleaning supplies area informs is that there’s a limit of three items per family. The shelves are still well-stocked though.
    Public schools are closing on Friday. Since I teach at Vida180, a children’s home, we’re continuing with school and pray for safety for our 120+ kids and staff on site.

  32. Thought I’d add my events from March 17…..

    I’m currently about 38 weeks pregnant so I had to go in for a Dr appointment on March 17 and I had to pick up a few things in town. I live in Alberta.

    10:15 am: In Walmart. They had disinfecting wipes available to wipe down cart handles and hand sanitizer for people to use. Toilet paper shelves were empty, no hand sanitizer or disinfecting wipes or alcohol on the shelves. Not much cold medicine. The Tim Hortons and McDonald’s in the Walmart have no dine in option for now.

    10:30 am: I called a number of stores to check if they had hand sanitizer or rubbing alcohol in stock. They mostly all laughed and said they’ve been out for weeks. The lady I talked to when I called London Drugs said, they just got some rubbing alcohol in and they might have it in stock for about 3 more minutes! I managed to get there and get a bottle. The clerk who helped me said she has a friend having a baby in a hospital about 5 hours away, in the same province as me, and the hospital wouldn’t allow her husband to be in the hospital with her during labor! Which gave me some anxiety.

    11:30 am : I arrive at the Dr’s office and am met in the entrance by a lady in full protective gear, including a hard plastic face mask, who asked me a number of questions about if I had traveled out of country recently or had contact with someone who had, and about my health, before letting me in. The waiting room was blocked off with tape and empty. They sent me directly back to some chairs by the Dr’s office. My Dr assured me that they are still allowing partners in the hospital during labor in my hospital but no visitors. So our boys won’t be able to come see their new sibling until I come home.

    1. Katrina Hoover Lee

      Thank you for sharing! I would have been nervous too but I’m so glad you are able to have your husband with you. All the best wishes for a safe delivery and healthy baby!

  33. Gwendolyn Hertzler

    My son, Hans sent a picture this morning, of the chair and lights, from which his girlfriend’s father, the president of Sattler College, will be conducting online classes.

    (This journal is an excellent idea, BTW.)

  34. Here is a list from Christian Light’s employee paper today:
    COVID-19 has affected millions of people, and those of us at Christian Light are no exception. Health precautions and government guidelines have changed things for us:
    • For now, we’re no longer having our regular staff devotional times in the morning. Individual departments or groups of workers gather for prayer to start off the day.
    • Some (at least sixteen as of March 19, by my count) employees who normally work onsite are working remotely or not at all. It’s a blessing to have technology that makes remote work feasible.
    • For now, we are no longer offering tours of the facilities.
    • Several of the ladies make daily rounds to clean/disinfect high traffic surfaces. Production workers are taking extra care to clean control surfaces of machines operated by multiple people. We wash our hands more often, keep extra distance, and use lots of hand sanitizer.
    • We’ve canceled Writer’s Conference because of Virginia’s ban on large events.
    • And more…
    (I hope this doesn’t show up twice. I tried to post it, but it disappeared and I hadn’t filled in all the info boxes, so I assume it isn’t going to post.)

    1. Katrina Hoover Lee

      No worries, I can delete the other one. I’m sorry that causes trouble. Very interesting!

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