Coronavirus Diaries March 31st: The Creativity Curve

At least, with the pressure of the waning economy and a nasty virus, it’s good to know that creativity is skyrocketing. Read on to hear about several creative endeavors I have noticed in the last few days, all geared to housebound children. Then, tell me what you have noticed, or what you have come up with yourself.

The Traveling Stories

My friend Kendra may be the world’s best picture book reader. Seriously. On a normal spring day, she is a school secretary. Now in spring 2020, she’s in charge of school morale for the many students trying to study in their homes. She first started reading fun stories for her own students, but soon expanded it to a Facebook Group that anyone can join. If you have Facebook, you can bring it up on the computer and let your children enjoy! Just search for “The Traveling Stories” on Facebook or try this link: Kendra’s children’s stories.

Storytime with Merle

Along with many others, I received lots of good teaching from Merle Burkholder, especially in the days I went on SMBI’s WATER program. In addition to preaching sermons, Merle is a great storyteller too. Now, he’s started a Youtube channel telling stories – here’s a link to the first one: Merle’s story channel. And if you wish there would be a book of Merle’s stories? Well, there is. Marnell and I just read it, written by Romaine Stauffer. Led by His Hand is a compilation of many stories from Merle’s life as a missionary and you can buy it here.

Boredom Busters Spreadsheet

Head over to Shari Zook’s blog for a whole host of ideas for entertaining children. She has set it up so cleverly you can add your own ideas if you have them. The one about putting a toy in the fridge and the ketchup in another room, etc, sounded so fun I thought of trying it on Marnell!

I am one of these who actually enjoys quietness and solitude, so I don’t exactly struggle with quarantine. But I know if I had a house full of children suddenly not in school, these creative people would be life savers. I hope you like them!

Share your own creativity and/or updates about what is happening in your life, and stay healthy.

5 thoughts on “Coronavirus Diaries March 31st: The Creativity Curve”

  1. Thanks for these great ideas. I have been enjoying designing a COVID-19 Card-a-Day Series on my blog (, which is a mix of photos, ideas, and encouragement. It’s more for adults than for children, I suppose, although some younger people enjoy trying to solve the mystery photos included in my daily posts.

    1. Katrina Hoover Lee

      Oh yes, I discovered that! I should have mentioned it, although you’re right that this list is more for children. I love how you post the lyrics to a song.

    2. Katrina Hoover Lee

      You’ve given me an idea to do a post with creative resources for adults. I’ll see what I come up with!

  2. Sending a piece of mail out every day in April. This week I’m sending cards to old people. Next week I’m planning to send balloons with letters written on the balloons to former students of mine. (They’ll have to blow the balloon up to read the letter.)

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