Timing: When Did Jesus Come?

You know sometimes we walk through valleys that seem interminable. And by interminable, I mean they just don’t seem like they will ever end. Whether it is a season of loneliness, cancer, oppression, or just a teenage boy screaming that you don’t care about him.

But do you know what came before the greatest event in the world? We love the story of the three wise men, the shepherds, the swaddling clothes. We love celebrating the holiday with cranberries and chocolate dipped wonders. But do you know the length of the interminable valley of darkness that ushered in the Prince of Peace?

400 Years

And, the event that foreshadowed the coming of Jesus was the same. Oh, how we love the great stories of Moses and the burning bush. How we delight in the victory God brought to the people. But do you remember the length of time God’s people were in slavery?

400 Years

Last night, after a screaming session of perhaps 30 minutes, the teenager said calmly, “Oh, tomorrow I have ‘Shop with a Cop.'” (A local charity the school social worker signed him up with. He gets to buy Christmas presents with a police officer.) He hadn’t gotten his way, but suddenly he was transformed back into a fairly reasonable human being who was thinking of the next day’s events.

A few minutes later, Marnell came to me in the kitchen, where I had been trying to cook spaghetti and hide from the conflict (unsuccessful on both counts, don’t ask). “I really think he just isn’t used to someone sticking with him through the whole yelling session. He hates it that he can’t win. Yet he wants the stability.” A few hours later they were playing a bedtime game of chess amid the background noise of the other brother making very realistic engine revving noises.

May this season of joy and wonder bring new meaning to any valley you might be walking through, even if it hasn’t been 400 years. And remember, God will stick with you if you have to yell for awhile. He won’t let you win, but He won’t go away.

O Come, Great Deliverer!

15 thoughts on “Timing: When Did Jesus Come?”

  1. I appreciate these thoughts more than you know. We have a HFA daughter. The hostile scenario plays too often in our lives. But God is good, always on time.

  2. Ah yes Katrina. I think this is a good one to chew on a little while. BTW isn’t it a wonder to have a husband to turn hard things over to! 😔💗

  3. May Father God keep pouring Grace into your life! Things are so hard sometimes but this too shall pass. And there is a plan and a reason. Keep your focus! God is working and He WILL sustain you. Blessings!

  4. Ahhh… the unending valley….
    It was good for me to think about 400 hundred years. My prayers are with you in your valley and uncertainty. Just as I know yours are with me!!

  5. Over a year ago, I started caring for a small boy who had just immigrated to the US. His parents are Christians and his mom is one of my bestest friends, but we all know children are a work in progress. I don’t feel like it is a just comparison to compare my situation with yours…..he was young and I had great parents that backed me up…..and I could send him home……I guess what I want to say is that the interminable part you write about brought such a vivid flashback of those days. He was so so hard to love and handle.

    Today my middle son, who begged me a year ago to not ever have to see this child again, said ‘(He) is so much fun!!! I love having him here!’

    You’re making painful investments right now, and all the more painful because you don’t know how it will all turn out. Those are never lost with God. Blessings to you! You are in my prayers

  6. This was an encouraging post for me to read in the midst of pain that I sometimes wonder if will ever go away. Thanks!

  7. Pharaoh got scared when the Hebrews grew too powerful. He put them in bondage–no fault of their own. Then Pharaoh tried to destroy their sons, and God raised up Moses in response. He forced them to make straw without bricks. They complained and cried out to God, and God said, “Enough. I will show Pharaoh who is really in charge here.” And God called them out. But they didn’t like all the ways He did it, and murmured. God, help us not to murmur in the midst of deliverance! God always has a bigger picture that will bring Him more glory.

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