A Visit to the Real Lions

We’ve been married for over two years now! We’ve taken the weekend to slip away, listen to the Messiah and visit the lions. 😀 Also to use a dining gift card that our church family so kindly gave us.

Marnell and I each posed with a lion below and it was kind of cold. We didn’t feel like flagging down a passerby to take one of both of us.

“We should try to get a photo together so we look at least mildly interested in each other,” I told Marnell later.

“How am I supposed to get to feeling like that?” Marnell asked, then shook with internal laughter when he saw that I was glaring at him. Then, “What I meant was, how am I supposed to scale back my feelings to being only mildly interested in you?”

Oh yes, really!

Despite being teased half to death, I am really glad I married Marnell two years ago. I love adventures with him, whether inside the house or out. I love his honest feedback on my weaknesses. I admire his hard work and innovative mind and caring heart. I admire his courage and creativity and compassion when dealing with troubled boys. I’m so glad he loves the Lord.

And occasionally, I even find myself laughing at one of his jokes. 😀

P. S. Did you know my pet lions are little versions of the real thing? Do you know where the real ones are? Take a guess! I’ll send a little snail mail from the city to the first person who comments on this blog with their location— not just which city, but where the lions are in that city.

And finally, a bad selfie!

13 thoughts on “A Visit to the Real Lions”

    1. Katrina Hoover Lee

      Correct! Your comment is showing from “someone,” but if you included your email I will be able to find you.

  1. Glad you could get away for a bit!! Those lions are very much like your wreath-enthroned pet at home!

    1. Katrina Hoover Lee

      The little ones are patterned after the big ones. I think technically they are bookends. I bought them at the Art Institute.

  2. Well, it looks like I got beat to the punch!! The pics brought back great memories of Chicago escapades I’ve had with you!!! Super thrilled you guys could go celebrate. And, I love that you have miniatures of the lions… and that yours boys had the same idea as the Art Institute decorators had!! 🙂

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