Wisconsin “Vacation”

What a great opportunity to be in Wisconsin this weekend! It always makes it difficult for me to post a Saturday evening blog if I am at an all-day Saturday event. So if you’ll forgive me, I’ll take a vacation from my blog as well and just share a photo with you along with a two-minute video on Captain Garrison.

The little lady I picked up at the O’Hare airport with her mother. Isn’t she a doll?

Captain Garrison 3: Where Did the Story Happen?

Have a great weekend!

P. S. I apologize, I am having some technical problems. I hope the video comes through.

6 thoughts on “Wisconsin “Vacation””

  1. Angie Berkshire

    You’re so cute in these videos. Totally enjoying them!! Only wish I could just sit across the table from you and here more from you. 🙂

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