Christmas Prep in the Year of the Boys

“You can put decorations around the house if you want,” I told the boys, opening our plastic tote of Christmas-y things. “I might not keep everything like you do it though.”

It was Monday night and I was worried that we would not have much energy after Thanksgiving vacation. So why not get the house Christmas-y before we leave?

The olive wood nativity scene was arranged decently on top for the fireplace. I found a candle wreath perched on a nail above the doorway. The snowflakes randomly posted throughout the house. And an olive wood candle from Bethlehem balanced on top of the wooden dice.

But I will say I actually like the plastic holly on my favorite lions!

And I’ll excuse the red ball at his feet, because it’s the year of the boys.

8 thoughts on “Christmas Prep in the Year of the Boys”

  1. Well, lions need something fun to play with too. I think the red ball is perfectly set up for a try for an extra point!

  2. Maybe that could be the title of your next book…”The Year of the Boys”! 😉 Keeping you in prayer.

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