Contest Winners, and My Private Celebration

Want to hear about how glamorous my day was celebrating my new book release? After biking madly through the rain, I arrived home and sent Marnell the following text:

“It looks like the mouse ate the cheese off of all your traps and is happily running around in the entryway 😂”

A few minutes later I sent him this: “Help. I just heard a snap and now I hear a struggling noise.”

Then, this:

How I Celebrate a New Book Release

Too bad I had a book drawing going already, or it would have made a great “What Not To Do Wednesday” post.

Anyway. The winners!

Kenneth Weaver (jandkweaver), Karla Good, and Jessica Peachey Foster. Congrats! Please send me your address ( if you haven’t already so I can send you your free copy of Captain Garrison.

Have a rodent-free Thursday!

5 thoughts on “Contest Winners, and My Private Celebration”

  1. Ha, ha. Thanks for providing a laugh this morning. But most of all, I am so happy for you on your book release! Congratulations, my writer friend! As soon as I have access to the book, I will buy one and read it, for sure. And may all of your future celebrations be rodent-free. 🙂

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