Combating Depression: Sunrise and Solitude, Therapeutic Thunder and Apple Dumplings

It’s amazing what a sunrise can do for the soul. Or a cup of coffee beside your computer. Or the fascinating pattern of the petals of a Gerber daisy. Or the prayers of your friends. Or the words of people who connect.

This is going to be short, but here is a list of good things from my week.

  • New Morning Routine. Scripture with Marnell at 5:45. Leaving the house at 7 am and biking to a coffee shop to work on my next book for a few golden hours.
  • Gerber Daisies from Marnell. It’s amazing how the intricacies of a flower can silence the flurrying of the mind.
  • An afternoon of rain and thunder… I don’t know why listening to rain is so therapeutic. Does anyone?
  • Pumpkins and gourds from my sister-in-law Doris. Putting them on the porch just made my life better!
  • New Wednesday Routine. I figured out that I really need a day of no appointments. So my new rule for Wednesday is, “Go Nowhere by Car.”
  • Coffee and splitting a Baker’s Nook apple dumpling with my favorite cousin Sara. We talked about life and how we never knew how complicated it would be to be an adult.
  • Watching my “fourth sister” Kaitlyn getting married today. Even though I cried ridiculously during the service because I suddenly thought of the time that she and I plunged into a snowbank together, and the old, distant days when I lived in her house.

There has also been a slight reprieve of the drama in the house. No late night yelling matches or refusals to go to robotics class because it’s “boring”.

Keep us in your prayers. And, if you find yourself in a similar situation, try one of the things above.

Especially the apple dumpling! (Okay, I still ate too many desserts this week and I don’t recommend that. But the dumpling? Totally worth it!)

8 thoughts on “Combating Depression: Sunrise and Solitude, Therapeutic Thunder and Apple Dumplings”

  1. I’m so thankful the things God brings into our lives to remind us of His love. This is a good reminder to stop and pay attention to them. Thank-you for sharing.

  2. Battling, but not Beaten!

    Thanks for your post! Your living example is beautiful…. Engaging in the battle against depression by listing the gifts from God, or as you expressed it, “the good things from my week”. The Father’s eyes never leaves you during this time in His fire. I’m confident that He is delighted and thrilled with your choice to engage in this battle against depressing thoughts! That is faith, beautiful faith! The easy route would be letting it swallow you up! Hang in there, dear sister!
    I, too, know the battle. The word “hope” is something I am thinking about. What kind of hope do I truly have? God’s voice tells me. Do I define hope from His Word or listen to other voices that would tell me that hope is being lost….?

  3. I know what you mean about the sound of rain; it can soothe the soul. On my desk sits a sound machine, usually set on “RAIN.” It is a quiet, constant sound that can cover up distracting background noise. And I enjoyed your list of blessings! Oh, how it helps to praise God for the positive, and to trust that He can use the “negative” for His glory and our good.

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