A Road Trip with Boys

“Let me get this straight,” N said. “We’re taking the car just because the truck doesn’t have AC?”

“Yes,” Marnell said.

“But the truck has more room!”

That exchange is a mere sample of some of the conversations we’ve had in the last number of hours and days preparing for and en route to spend time with my family in Ironwood, MI. We did explain in time that the car also gets much better gas mileage.

The day before we left, our friend Velinda took the boys clothes shopping, so they got to pack their bags with almost all new clothes. Most of them are matching. So pardon me for sharing more cute pictures than cute words…

But I will give an audiobook suggestion for boys for road trips: Hatchet, by Gary Paulsen. I wasn’t sure that I could capture their interest. It’s not a Christian book, but it’s a riveting story of survival in the Canadian northwest. It’s about four hours. Your library very likely has a copy, and our copy was narrated by a talented reader.

“Turn the radio back on!” D announced about every time we jumped back into the car.

And by radio, he meant Hatchet.

We aren’t quite done yet with Crispin and the Cross of Lead. It’s a little longer and a little harder to stay in touch. But I’m withholding my opinion until we’re done.

Anyway, enjoy the photos. And have a good weekend!

At Promontory Point where we got engaged.

N attracting admirers by sketching a semi…
Isn’t my niece a doll?

12 thoughts on “A Road Trip with Boys”

  1. Thanks for the audio book suggestions, Katrina. We love Overdrive for road trips. I dont believe I know you, but I know Marnell from FB. Your boys are quite handsome.

    Patty Petersheim

    1. Yes we use the physical library and Hoopla. Technically they are not “our” boys but we are enjoying them for this time.

  2. So glad you enjoying the boys! They appear to be liking you and Marnell too.
    Hatchet! I need to read that again. I’ve been on a binge of re reading or reading for the first time all the really good , classic juvenile to young adult books.

    1. Katrina Hoover

      Well you know photos always show the best moments. But it has been going well! Also, don’t miss A Single Shard!

  3. What a privilege for you to speak into these boy’s lives!! God bless you. They won’t forget!

    1. Katrina Hoover

      Thanks Barb… I think the speaking into goes both ways sometimes. 😊 But I hope you are right!

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