The Deal

So here’s the deal. As you read this, I might be jetting across Lake Kapkichi in northern Ontario where the blacktop road ends. We expect a full week of VBS, so you may not hear from me next Saturday night.

So, just a few updates on the progress of website and book.

I’ve been poking and prodding the design on my new website, getting professional advice and work from a friend of ours over at Touchdown Technologies. It’s not really a lot of changes, but the old format was outdated. Also, I got a variety of great reader photos that I wanted to include, people reading various books I’ve written. I’m always open for more, by the way! Be sure to check out the photos below as well as the website of Krista’s photographer sister, here.

So, if I have any time on the trip, I will make final touches to the new website, and launch it as soon as possible. Hopefully there will be no issues, but if you have a problem accessing my blog, don’t be super shocked either!

The other deal is that Captain Garrison is in the finals stages of editing. The editors are doing a fantastic job, and I’ve seen a little peek of the work being done for the cover. I’m hoping to share some of those things before too long.

Would you like to see a brief snippet of the editor’s work? If you ever decide to write a book–and I don’t exactly recommend it!– I have a tip. Editors are lifesavers. If they tear your stuff apart, they are even more crucial.

“Ho, there!” Lambert bellowed as the ferry swung close to the shadow of the Ella’s bow. “Is that John Gray?”
A man leaned his head over the side of the ship. 
“Garrison!” he yelled back to Lambert. “Come aboard, old pal!”
“I will help carry some goods to the trading post first,” Lambert called back. “But I will come take leave of the Ella after we unload.”

Editor: I’m not sure what is meant by the highlighted words. Lambert had not been working on board the Ella recently.  

Me: Probably a mistake from a previous draft. Thanks for catching that! 

–sample of editing work for Captain Garrison

We are hoping to see Captain Garrison out by the end of October. I’m very excited about the fine work and motivation of the team to make this happen.

In the meantime, here are a couple of great reader photos. You will see more on the new website.

Have a great week!

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  1. I love your new look. The black background was elegant but I found it distracting to read. And the photos are so fun.

    And I don’t think that editors get enough credit for the amazing job they do.

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