Monday Marnell-ism

Hey, it’s Monday. We’re all a little groggy and I never passed this one on to you, so here goes:

We spent the night at Marnell’s brother’s place this spring. As we were driving away from Norrell’s house, Marnell told me about the towns in that area of southern Indiana.

“Sometimes Norrell goes to Washington, sometimes to Vincennes, sometimes to Evansville,” he said.

“For what?” I asked.

“Shopping,” he said.

“Like…interesting shopping?” I asked, since I didn’t know what shopping choices might be in these towns.

“Yes like Menards or…”

“Oh!” I said. “That kind of shopping. Shopping like you go shopping. Boring shopping!”

“Yes,” Marnell said. “At least, sometimes we buy drill bits.”

Happy Monday!

(If you didn’t get the pun, it means you’re still a little slow and you need an extra coffee!)

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    1. Wow, just think how bright you would be if you did drink coffee! β˜•οΈπŸ˜€ I’m kidding! I need to cut back myself.

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