The Willow

Something astonishing is happening to the willow tree outside my writing window.

Months ago, the willow tree had long branches with thin green leaves growing on each branch, all up and down the branch. When the wind blew the leaves danced and swayed like hundreds of children on a green lawn.

But then, the tree died. All the leaves grew brown. Then they fell off. For months, the brown willow sticks stood bare against the background stripes of sidewalks, lawns and street.

But in the last few weeks—months after the last leaves fell off—an amazing thing is happening.

Little shoots of green line every dead twig. There is a shoot about every inch, and they seem to be growing larger quickly. They’ve come out of no where, as far as the eye can tell, and if they continue at this pace they will soon obscure part of my view.

There’s no evidence of tampering or genetic alterations. I didn’t feed the tree fertilizer or mulch the dirt or pipe in water. I didn’t pray for the tree or ask God to perform a miracle and bring the leaves back.

The shoots just appeared, as if God likes to do miracles even when people don’t ask for them sometimes.

The brown turned green as if God likes to resurrect what had appeared to be forever gone.

Happy spring, friends. It’s almost Easter!

9 thoughts on “The Willow”

  1. I’ve been thinking, too, that God likes to do miracles even when people don’t ask for them! Spring is a great reminder of that. Have a great weekend!

  2. This week God did a miracle for me that I was too shy to ask for. I thought to myself as my baby fussed all day with nose and chest congestion, “it would be a miracle if she were healthy enough for me to take to the Bible study where there are other babies”, and I didn’t know if it was ok to ask for something that might be selfish. So I didn’t and resigned myself to staying home, but that night she slept 13 hours and woke up new! It was extra special because we just had a miracle the day before of having something that was lost show up just in time.
    Thanks for this story! Such a good illustration of the power and beauty of the resurrection!

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