The Misty Thing That Makes Words Flow

There are a few poems that I have literally loved for decades. In this week leading up to the death of Christ (calendar-wise, at least), I find that three fit with the story of the cross, and I would like to share them with you.

It’s appropriate for me to borrow words from someone else right now. My writing passion….muse?….inspiration? is on strike right now, for some reason. It could be that I have the Captain Garrison project sent off and being edited, and I miss it a little whenever I think of it. It could be that I am trying to start a new project which is very interesting (I’ll tell you more soon I think), but I haven’t gotten into my rhythm with it yet. It could be that I was quite excited about the Amish business book, and then that fell through, although I’m still toying with options in my mind.

At any rate. I don’t worry that it won’t come back, that elusive misty thing that makes writers tick and words flow. But do allow me–especially since we are preparing for a quick trip to Mississippi for a Lee family reunion–to borrow the words of these three favorite poets.

Look for the short poems on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday at 3pm EST. In my opinion, they are the best of the best at capturing the meaning and emotion of the cross.

2 thoughts on “The Misty Thing That Makes Words Flow”

  1. I will eagerly look for them! A person can never have too many good poems…and it’ll be fun to see if i already have them, or not!

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