Monday Merchant: Strike A Chord Piano Studio and Oasis Chorale

Let’s face it: it’s March, and there’s no springtime in sight. The wind chill is below zero again today, and the world is white. Our longings for springtime are not to be fulfilled quite yet. That’s why today is a fantastic day for a different kind of springtime, one we can choose.


Springtime, new life, resurrection: all these can exist in any month, with beautiful music.

Let’s talk about Strike A Chord piano studio on Laurel Street. The piano studio is just one of the aspects of my friend Sarah’s musical passion. She also teaches music at United Christian School in Nappanee and sings with Oasis Chorale in the summer months. She sang at our wedding as well; I’ve set the video below to start at her solo.

Since not everyone who reads this blog is from Northern Indiana, and therefore not local to the piano studio, I am going to give away an Oasis Chorale CD so anyone can participate.

But if you do live within driving distance of Elkhart, consider Sarah’s piano teaching studio for your child, or hey, for yourself. Imagine what music practice could do for your winter blues!

Sarah is well-qualified to give lessons. Recently, she received certification with the Royal Conservatory of Music, which is a four year degree in music. She has also just officially begun her studio, and therefore is able to take new students.

Sarah has started a Facebook Page where you can see updates or watch her students perform.

Here is Sarah’s mission statement. You can see that not only does she teach her student excellent technical skills, but also a sense of the deeper meaning of music.

As a teacher, I will help each student build a framework for thinking about and interacting with music.  Music has the potential to speak deeply when there is an awareness of its soul.  As a teacher/musician, my priority lies in my student’s ability to tap into this soul and communicate it effectively.  This inspires true musicianship while maximizing student creativity.

Message Sarah on Facebook for details and which day of the week she is available! Her monthly fees are quite reasonable, coming out to about $15 for the weekly half hour session.

During her break from teaching piano, she sings with Oasis Chorale, a Mennonite a cappella chorus comprised of auditioned singers from around the nation. Below you see them standing outside on a green lawn in front of green trees and yellow flowers…ah, doesn’t that tug at our hearts!

Check out the Oasis Chorale website to pick which CD you will choose if you win the drawing! Oasis Chorale fulfills their mission by

….inviting singer and listener to thoughtful worship through artistic choral music sung skillfully.

Just this morning, around 5:15 while I was walking on the treadmill, I listened to Angel Band. I got that shivery feeling that you get when you listen to or see something beautiful. It may be the only time in my life yet that I experienced that feeling before 6 am! They also have rousing renditions of “Lift Your Glad Voices” and “When Peace Like a River”, but I can share only so many on my blog.

To help support the chorale and get the best acoustical version of their summer program, buy a ticket for July 13 at 7pm at Sauder Hall. Here is the official statement from Oasis Chorale:

Although we have recorded albums there before, we plan to give our first ever concert in the amazing acoustic of the Sauder Concert Hall in Goshen, IN, on July 13. This will be a fundraiser event that we hope will defray tour expenses and the cost of producing a new choral album, The Glory of His Grace. Please reserve your tickets to this special event in advance and plan a trip to Goshen this summer by following this link or searching for Oasis Chorale on

In the next song below, Sarah sings a solo in a beautiful African piece translated as Lead Me, Father. Even though I don’t understand the African language, I can understand the pleading and passion in the song as Sarah and the choir call out to their Father. And I can tell that when Sarah teaches her students to feel the soul of the music, she knows personally how to make that connection.

Giveaway rules to win Oasis Chorale or Hymns of the Church CD of your choice:

  • Two ways to enter:
    • Comment on this blog, being sure to include your email.
    • Go to Facebook and leave a comment on the Facebook post.
  • Do you need an idea for a comment? Write down the CD you will choose if you win and/or wish Sarah a happy birthday! That’s right, her birthday is tomorrow, Tuesday, March 5.
  • Entries accepted today only, Monday, March 4, 2019. Winner will be announced tomorrow morning.

Happy Birthday, Sarah! Thank you for bringing springtime into our winter!

40 thoughts on “Monday Merchant: Strike A Chord Piano Studio and Oasis Chorale”

  1. Happy Birthday Sarah! The “Favorites” CD is as far as I got so far. Beautiful and uplifting music. I’m looking forward to seeing spring, but I’m really enjoying the beautiful snow we got last night as well.

  2. We long for spring too! Treasures in Heaven would be our pick of the CD s Happy Birthday Sara !

  3. Melanie S. Yoder

    What beauty God has given us on a snowy morning in eastern CT. Hymns of the Church #2 would give my littles something new to listen to in the van.

  4. Beautiful music is so encouraging and a gift from God. God bless you, Sarah, as you continue to use your wonderful talent for music.

  5. Happy birthday Sarah!! I wish I’d live closer, I’d bring my daughter over for lessons in a heartbeat…I have not been satisfied w what I have here in our area:( I’m a big fan of your music,
    I Love hearing Sarah sing!! And play!! I saw her passion when she played at Inspire 2018… and I also am a big fan of Oasis chorale! I hope tour brings them through here soon! Maybe we’ll see you at music camp?
    Now our son is just starting out a degree in music education and I’d love for him to chat w Sarah!

  6. Either Treasures in Heaven or Healing River would be my choice. I’ll make a final decision if I have to!

  7. Happy Birthday Sarah!

    I’d love to have the CD Journey The Road Home.

    You know one of the things I appreciate so much about acapella music is it allows you to learn and sing the songs yourself. Although I also listen to other styles of Christian music I find that often you can’t really sing the song by yourself. At least that has been my experience.

  8. Happy Birthday Sara! She is one person I really look up to. I don’t have a degree in music but I’m still teaching piano to 13 children this winter. They’re starting to put me to the test and I wish I could come over and take lessons from her myself!

  9. I would love to bring my children to Sarah for piano lessons, but I think 5 hours might be a bit far to drive. I guess I’ll have to settle for a CD!

  10. I’d probably pick Hymns of the Church #3. And happy birthday to Sarah! We always enjoy listening to Oasis Chorale; I think it would be fun to be in the choir myself!

  11. Oh Come Angel Band is our family favorite… I know so well the shivery thrill you talked about when listening to that song!

    Happy birthday Sara!

  12. I have one Oasis Chorale recording, and if I was choosing another, it would probably be one of the Hymns of the Church recordings.

  13. I enjoy listening to the Oasis Chorale and Angel Band is definitely a favorite! Happy Birthday Sarah!

  14. I like all the ones you chose, so if I win, you get to choose my CD!! What a nice way to honor a friend!

  15. Violet Miller

    I enjoy listening to Oasis Chorale! And the album Eternal Mercies looks like it would be a wonderful choice! I like how the choral music has a calming effect and you almost seem to float away with it!

  16. I enjoy Oasis Chorale and especially more with close relation in it. So the latest Hymns of the Church would be great. Happy Birthday Sarah!

  17. Our family would enjoy another Oasis CD. We can never have too many! As for me, I look forward to spring but not with a lot of impatience! I still have winter projects to finish!!

  18. Best wishes to Sarah on her piano studio!! And happy birthday wishes as well! N thanks, Katrina, for the chance at another give away😊

  19. Sarah sounds like an amazing teacher. I’d love to win the FavoritesCD.
    I hope I’m not too late – it’s 11:46 pm in California where I’m vacationing.

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