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I remember one February in my childhood, my mom made a personalized Valentine for each of us children. She made a bigger one for my dad, but the way she brought us all into the fun sticks with me to this day as a great example of making Valentine’s Day a day about friendship and fun rather than shallow sentiment. However–I don’t know about you–but I find typical Valentine’s Day merchandise from, say, Walmart, to be a bit ridiculous and unrealistic.

Enter Laurel Street Design! I am happy to call Laurel Street Design’s creator, Velinda, one of my closest friends. She did all the graphics design for our wedding along with being a fantastic bridesmaid.

There are a lot of things I could talk about when it comes to Laurel Street Design. Velinda creates striking wedding stationery, birth announcements and Christmas cards. She does commercial work as well.

Today, I would like to focus on the printables in her Etsy shop. She offers more than just valentines, but I think they are her specialty. They are just so cute and punny, you want to keep scrolling through them just to see what she thought of next. She shows you a photo of the printable, and how to pair it with a small gift. 

As you can see, the valentines from Laurel Street Design aren’t the mushy gushy kiss-y kind that make you glad your preschoolers can’t read. And I just love the puns, maybe because I’m married to Marnell. I am planning to pass mine out to our neighbors with a small gift. These photos are just a small sample. The “Valentines” section of her Etsy shop as 119 choices!

For those who have never purchased printables before, let me say I just bought some and it is super easy. You just need access to a printer, some paper or card stock and a scissors or paper cutter. She will add your name to the printable if you want, although I decided to add a hand-written signature to mine. The designs are simple to cut out and tie, tape, or staple to a treat. And the great thing is, you can print as many as you want from your $5 download. If you have two dozen neighbors or school classmates (or children?), you can have a cute card for all of them with that one purchase.

If you want something more romantic, you might consider the beauties below. As a last minute gift, you could just print and serve with a cup of coffee! 

Or, if you don’t do Valentine’s at all? I also just purchased a set of the printable below to attach to a hostess gift as a thank you card. I printed mine on card stock to make them nice and stiff, and left the name space blank so I could sign them myself. 

I can’t show you all her cool stuff, but head over to the Laurel Street Design Etsy shop to see for yourself. You will find categories like envelopes, bags, tags, Valentine’s, Easter, Pastor Appreciation and Art. Envelopes are a big seller in her shop, and its easy to see why. She has 31 options for sale, in a variety of colors and sizes, including coin envelopes and tiny square envelopes.

The giveaway today? A free printable of your choice! It can be a valentine, or something else. Definitely visit Velinda’s Etsy shop to see all your options.  If you are a Facebook-er, do yourself a favor and “like” Velinda’s page, Laurel St. Design. You won’t be disappointed with the great content she shares. 

Giveaway Details:

  • Leave a comment to enter, either on the blog or Facebook page. I’ve designed the blog comments to ask for your name AND email, so I am able to find you if you win. Your email will NOT be visible to others. *Update*: I was made aware that with my new setting to require email, the blog rejected an email address. I changed the settings back so it should not require email. Please do leave your email if possible. 
  • Two names will be drawn, so your chances of winning will be increased. The two winners will also receive one of the little “neighbor gifts” from Marnell and I, if you shoot me your mailing address.
  • Entries will only be accepted today, Monday, February 4, 2019.

Have fun! 

And just because I can’t resist a little more cute-ness, here are a few more pics. FYI, if you want your gifts to look exactly like Velinda’s, the mini Ziploc bags are available in her Etsy shop as well. You supply the cookies!

61 thoughts on “Merchant Monday: Laurel Street Design”

  1. Velinda helped me out with my nieces and nephews valentines one year when my niece was in the hospital. They loved it and I’ve never forgotten. Best designer and roomie a person could ask for!

  2. Oh so cute! Definitely something I would use! I’ve never bought from etsy before. Is it complicated to buy from there?

    1. No I didn’t think so. I used PayPal which is super easy but you can use a credit or debit card. Sometimes I feel like it’s hard to find someone’s shop… that’s why I gave you a direct link so you don’t have to search.

  3. Love her shop! My kids have so much fun choosing their valentines each year. I’ve also used them for birthday party favors.

  4. Love them!! I have three boys and while I love to celebrate things with them, they certainly do not appreciate mushy sentimentality. These are perfect!!

  5. Perfect! Maybe if I win this is just the boost I need to do something fun with Mya…and maybe even if I don’t win. Too cute to pass up.

  6. So cute and creative! Love it! I love scrapbooking, but I’m pun-less so this is great! Will need to check out her Etsy shop.

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