Winner of Giveaway–

On the eve of the arctic blast, allow me to congratulate Verna Stoltzfus of New Holland, Pennsylvania. Her number was picked by a random number generator out of 160. 

She says, “Medium hot for me. Our children love a mango salsa I buy, peach is probably yummier!” So we can imagine what she might be choosing for her gift box. 

Thanks to everyone for entering the drawing. If you need comfort food to survive the upcoming freeze, you now know where to turn! The Dutch Kettle has your back. 

Have a great day, and stay warm! 

2 thoughts on “Winner of Giveaway–”

  1. I stepped out the door this morning and thanked God that I live in South Carolina!!! Talked to the office manager of TDK last night… sounds like y’all are up for a miserable couple of days. Stay inside and don’t return to the outdoors until the temps have risen to at least a healthy 15!! 🙂
    Seriously, though… I keep thinking of the MANY in these frigid temps who don’t have homes, don’t have power. Many to whom this frigid air is possibly a death sentence… and my heart breaks!!
    Thanks for the fun giveaway Katrina! I SO enjoy following your blog! Knowing the author makes it so much more enjoyable!!! 😉

    1. Good morning Angie, and thanks for making us all jealous! No, we will survive and we are so blessed. But you are right about those who don’t have basic needs. It is heart-breaking. Thanks for showing up on the blog!

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