Merchant Monday: The Dutch Kettle

As promised on Saturday, a tasty giveaway! 

In our interview, Brent said he knows how to make national award-winning peach salsa. Brent is co-owner of TDK or The Dutch Kettle, a producer of quality jams, salsas, and BBQ sauce. Even if you aren’t a fruit salsa person, there’s a lot more to entice you at the Dutch Kettle, as you can see on their website: The Dutch Kettle. And by a lot more, I mean a lot more. Bacon salsa. Black bean salsa (a personal favorite of mine). Cherry-jalapeno jam. Elderberry jelly. Jalapeno honey mustard (so good I had to give you a direct link). Hot raspberry BBQ sauce. Hickory BBQ sauce. 

I took a screen shot of their beautiful website in case you can’t follow the link for some reason:

The Dutch Kettle

I love how The Dutch Kettle website has the shipping costs clearly posted, because obviously mailing jars is a little tricky. 

Shipping: 1-4 jars – $16   |   5-8 jars – $8   |   9+ jars – FREE

Brent mentioned The Dutch Kettle has a three-jar gift pack with one jam, one salsa and one BBQ sauce. 

Today’s Giveaway

Ta-da! Just leave a comment, either here on the blog or on 500 Words by Katrina Facebook page, and you will be entered to win this gem. If you win, you get to  pick any three varieties that you wish. It doesn’t have to be one salsa, one jam and one BBQ sauce. 

Things to keep in mind: 

  • If you comment on the blog, please leave enough information so that I can find you. 
  • If you can’t think of anything to say, comment with HOT, MEDIUM, or MILD so we know your preference in salsa flavors. 
  • The drawing will be open TODAY ONLY, Monday, January 28, 2019.

Good luck! 

And be sure to keep TDK in mind the next time you get hungry for chips and salsa…The Dutch Kettle Website.

130 thoughts on “Merchant Monday: The Dutch Kettle”

  1. Have so enjoyed their jams that my sister sales at their store at McDowell, VA–Sugar Tree Country Store.

  2. Have so enjoyed their jams that my sister sales at their store at McDowell, VA–Sugar Tree Country Store.

  3. Oh my… I would enjoy all of the ones you mentioned! If I won the choice of three would be a challenge!!

  4. Christine Martin

    I love making “otherwise” things into “fruity things”, like lettuce salad for example. And fruited salsa definitely sounds like a prize-winner!
    More than that, Katrina, I am inspired by the way your delight in people keeps shining through your posts…!! I think that is one of the things that made Jesus so attractive when He was walking around on the earth. This character quality makes you attractive, Katrina, and keeps reminding me of Jesus!

    1. Thanks, Christine. I do appreciate the encouragement and the reminder of Jesus’ priorities. I’m afraid to say that I am FAR from his caliber. I do find people interesting, but I also find it hard to socialize at times. But I am encouraged by your comments. It is a good reminder that we have a perfect example to follow!

  5. I LOVE this giveaway!!!
    I love this company.
    And, the owners of this company… and their office manager… know where to find me. Wait… you do too!!! 🙂

  6. I haven’t had anything from TDK that I didn’t like!! Probably one of our favorites is the black seedless raspberry jam.

  7. Looks delicious! I can imagine my hubby falling in love with the jalapeno honey mustard and the hot salsa. Me, I can be pretty spicy otherwise, but my taste buds tend to prefer the mild end of tbe spectrum#

    1. Thanks for the encouragement, Amanda. I am putting a little more time into them, so it’s nice to hear your comment.

  8. Medium peach salsa would make me happy!! I’m from NM. Thanks for fun on Facebook, Katrina

  9. OMG! They all look wonderful and delicious! Great prices on everything. My husband may just find a $60 charge to TDK this Friday when he looks in on the checking account!

  10. Black bean salsa sounds mighty fine! I will have to check them out next time we are in Indiana!! All the products sounds delicious 😋

    1. They are! I don’t think they have a retail store on site, but plenty of area stores carry their products.

  11. I guess if they don’t ship to Canada on this give away, u could send my winning order to my sister Rosanna in the above comment and I’ll deal with her on wat we do with my winnings😝 (don’t be too worried; I’m not always the contest winner in giveaways 😜)

  12. Krista Burkholder

    I don’t think I ever heard of the company before but it sounds like it would be a good thing to look into! It all sounds amazing!

  13. I love peach salsa and have unsuccessfully hunted for a recipe to preserve myself. Love medium to hot stuff.

  14. Medium here. Next time I visit my big sis, Ida Mae, in IN, she’ll have to take me there!

    1. I don’t think they retail on site, but there are plenty of stores around that carry their products. They might give you a tour! 😀 Says the person with no say in the matter.

  15. I’m a food connoisseur along with most of the rest of my family. I love to try foods and experience them through my palette and discover award winning products! 😉

  16. Their peach salsa is delici-o-sus! It was served at our son, Kendall’s wedding. Their BBQ sauce is lovely as well.

  17. I never heard of this company. The products look amazing and the prices are very reasonable.

  18. Oh my, love the unique varieties of canned goodies!I’ll take one of each lol..😉
    I’ll check out the website!

  19. Brother William here, leaving a comment and feeling miserably cheap and pecuniary. I do have an actual comment, which makes me feel slightly better: your new blog format gets a huge a+! (And I’m a mild non-fruity salsa person…)

  20. Brother William here, leaving a comment and feeling miserably cheap and pecuniary (and also oddly male… am I the only man with courage to enter??). I do have an actual comment though, which makes me feel a little better: I love your new blog format. (And I am a mild non-fruity salsa person…)

  21. Quite a list of possibilities. I was mostly looking at the jams for sale. Was hoping for some rhubarb-raspberry. You often see rhubarb-strawberry but not with raspberry—-wonder why that would be? Maybe Brent knows?

  22. Aaaaaaaaaa! My comment posted twice!! Aaaaaaaaaa! I hate the internet!! All tails between legs. Aaaaaa!

  23. I can say from experience TDK has some of the BEST salsa, BBQ and jams. (The other co-owner happens to be my nephew.

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