1000 Likes Celebration Post: Interviews with Numbers 996, 997, 999, and 1000

There is almost nothing I enjoy more than asking people survey questions such as this one: Would you go to the moon, with current technology, if you were offered a free ride? To me, interviewing people is as fun as a party.

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That’s why, to celebrate reaching 1000 likes on 500 Words by Katrina, I decided to interview the last five people who liked the page. I sent a message to numbers 996, 997, 998, 999, and 1000, and hoped they would be willing to answer my questions.

Number 998 apparently lives in Asia and has not received my message. But the others graciously consented, and here they are. 


Number 996: Rebekah Slabach

Rebekah lives in south Virginia, a few miles from the North Carolina border. She lives across from an old tobacco farm, and between two cow pastures. (This is fitting, as you will see soon.) Rebekah’s parents welcomed foster children when she was a teenager, so her years were interspersed with foster brothers and sisters coming and going.

Just curious, Rebekah, can you share a brief memory you had as a foster care sibling? 

One time we had a foster boy who was 16 years old. He came to a cousin’s wedding with us. The whole thing was a new experience for him. He had never been to a wedding before in person! He shared how people in his family and closest friends just lived together or moved in without the marriage commitment part. 

What do you know how to do that most other people don’t? 

Artificially inseminate livestock. I completed an official training and received certification. I was an agriculture major in college and now work as an agriculture Extension Agent so AI is something I observe and assist with farmers and veterinarians, etc.

What interests you, Rebekah? 

Depends on the day/place! A lot of times learning about people and nature and how God created us for each other and to see and feel His presence with His creation. 

Thanks Rebekah! Such an interesting story! 

997: Jewel Kilmer

Jewel hails from a small fourth floor apartment in Mińsk Mazowiecki, Poland. When she walks out her door in the morning, she sees other tenants taking their dogs out for a walk, a cleaning lady mopping the floors, and boots lined up beside each door. When she exits the building, she sees smokestacks from a nearby factory and the playground of a school. Jewel and her husband Jaden have been married for two years.

Jewel, what do you know how to do that most other people don’t? 

I can touch my nose with the tip of my tongue, without licking my upper lip.  

(Now why didn’t I think of asking her for a video of that?!)

What interests you? 

Language fascinates me. I am studying Polish, because I must use it to survive here. I teach English and learn so much about how it works, in the process. I want to learn to speak so many other languages! I love to hear people speaking in other accents and languages, and try to imitate them.

Connecting with people is one of the most important things in my life. I love seeing someone’s eyes light up when talking about a passion; sometimes it is a game to find a topic that makes a stranger talk excitedly.

Wouldn’t it be cool to learn a little Polish straight from Poland, I thought to myself when I read that. So I asked her: 

What are the odds you could teach us how to say good morning (or something short) in Polish? 

Thank you, Jewel! That Polish lesson just warms my heart.

999: Brent Slabaugh

Brent lives in Bourbon, Indiana on a quiet country road, surrounded by sprawling farm land and and woods.  He enjoys hunting, and occasionally sees deer or turkey close to their house.  He and his wife Janel have 5 children. They volunteer at Cornerstone Ministries Boys and Girls Club in Elkhart, IN. (Hurray!) He enjoys antique hit and miss gas engines, landscaping, and caring for fruit trees.

Brent, what do you know how to do that most other people don’t?

Well, the first thing that comes to mind is that I know how to make National Award-winning peach salsa.

(We will come back to this thought!)

Something that I learned years ago and still remember “how” to do is to “chain-link” an extension cord so it looks tidy and unravels with no tangles.

Also, more seriously, when my life seems to have flown to pieces, I find that it is almost always my plans that have been altered, not God’s.

I find peace in the pieces when I readjust to His plans.

I love that. Peace in the pieces. 

The other obvious question is, Do we get a chance to try that salsa? Keep reading to the end!

Thanks, Brent! 

1000: Hilary Martin

Hilary lives in Reinholds, Pennsylvania. When she walks out of her house, she sees the neighbor’s horse, Spook. Hilary’s great-great-grandmother was a full-blooded Cherokee Indian. When Hilary was in second grade, she got shingles and gave all her classmates the chicken pox. 

What are you interested in, Hilary?

Christian education and sign language. 

What do you know how to do that most other people don’t?

I make classroom management look like a piece of cake!

How? The former teacher asks jealously. Can you give one piece of advice about classroom management?

Classroom management is only successful with consistency, consistency, consistency!

Thank you Hilary, number 1000!

I saved my favorite question for last. In 2004 at Faith Builders summer term, I asked 25 teachers this question: Would you go to the moon with current technology, if offered a ride? The results: Yes, 40%. No, 56%. (Someone didn’t answer apparently.) 

So I decided to ask it again, to my four interviewees. Similar to my previous survey, it came out 50-50. 

Would you go to the moon if offered a free ride with current technology?

Rebekah: Definitely yes, would probably need a pep talk before since I am a little afraid of heights. 

Jewel: No. 

Brent: A definite yes. It has been an infatuation of mine since childhood!

Hilary: No. 

I so enjoyed these interviews, and I hope you have too. How did I get so lucky to interview four people with such fascinating lives? 

It has made me wish I could interview each one of you. So I made up a small poll, where you only have to select “yes” or “no”. If you vote, you get to see the results of the poll. (It does seem to have more trouble on mobile devices.)

Finally, if you want to hear more about Brent’s national award-winning salsa, come back on Merchant Monday for the full scoop. There’s going to be a giveaway, and it’s going to be tasty. I would enter the drawing myself, if it wouldn’t be cheating!

Thank you for celebrating with me, and have a great night! 

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  1. Interviewing people is something I’ve actually been doing lately…I have a 20-question survey that I’ve been sending out to friends and relatives, and the results are quite interesting! Since I consider you a friend, and would certainly have interesting answers, would you like to fill one out? Let me know!
    And by the way, one thing I can do that most people can’t is I can flick my fingers backward. 🙂

    1. Interesting! You certainly can send it to me. My email and snail mail are both on my contact page. I would be happy to fill out your survey! I will look forward to it.

  2. I just saw the movie, “The First Man”. It only confirmed my opinion – don’t invite me on a trip to the moon! There are enough crazy experiences here on this earth without adding the terrifying experience of space travel. The movie realistically portrayed NASA’s build-up to the Apollo mission to the moon.

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