Research Day Two: A Little Book

Can there be anything left on Staten Island to prove that Captain Garrison and his family lived here? After 300 years?

When I rang the rusty door bell high in the brick wall at the historical society, Carlotta (what a great name for a historian!) let us in. She took us back to her room, winding among floor-to-ceiling shelves of books and papers. In her back den, she spread a crumbling map across a wide table, and we eagerly searched for “Garrison”. 

Not there.

But they did live there! His dad was the county sheriff, and helped start the Anglican church. Take that, mapmaker! The map had been made in 1907, so it makes sense there could have been gaps. 

Then, the delightful museum lady, Carlotta came in with a cardboard file box, with a sticky note label. It said “Garrison.”

From a yellow file, a small pocket book appeared, written up with quill and ink, labeled 1740 and Nathaniel Garrison.  

2 thoughts on “Research Day Two: A Little Book”

  1. Sounds like you have to be a bit of a detective in your research, Sounds like fun especially when you find some evidence. Looking forward to hearing and reading more. I love history and these stories add life.In school I didn’t like history cause what we studied was mainly the wars, who was ruler and a bit of there lives. But now fitting church history and other facts in has changed my perspective, Thank you for adding to it with your books.

    1. It is detective work! I had a little more to that blog, but I’ve been having trouble with my app, and alas it didn’t post!

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