Give and Take

Recently, a suspicious wind blew in and knocked flat most of our sunflower wall which separated the community garden from the alley. Without the protective wall, it feels like the smashed butternut squash and the disappearing watermelons (three now) could become commonplace.

But just as we gave the garden to God, so does He give us gifts back. We’ve developed new friendships and harvested some really nice fruits. Overall, the garden project has been a great experience. But let me tell you about two specific gifts.

First, I was hoping that we would at least get to share watermelon once. The night before Labor Day, we popped two watermelon in the fridge, which looked like they might finally be ready. I selected one of two large melons; the other large melon still looked unripe.

It was raining on Labor Day, but we still got to have our little impromptu watermelon party on the porch. It was delicious!

A day or two later, the other big watermelon had disappeared. I doubt it was ready, because the two I had picked were on the edge.

Second, I got an email from Stephanie Leinbach, a neighbor of my aunt. She had read my blog. Would you like some butternut squash? she asked.

Don’t mind if I do! I even made butternut squash dessert for garden night.

Best of all, she gave us six, double what was smashed.

“I feel like Job,” I told Marnell, remembering how God took away his possessions and then gave them back double.

It’s nice to know God cares, and uses such a lovely bunch of sisters to give His blessings!

9 thoughts on “Give and Take”

  1. Oh my goodness. That is the first picture I saw of my childhood home with its new residents standing in front of it. It gave me an unexpected heart pang. But I’m happy for them and glad for you that ‘our’ garden could help you out. 🙂

    1. Yes it was even a little odd for me to go back to my “old home”! I hope it’s not too tough for you.

  2. I looked at that picture, and said “that’s Lavern‘s old place” and then Sara’s comment proved it!!

    Thanks for writing, for showing us how you are practically living your faith.

  3. And if I’m not mistaken, Stephanie’s maiden name was Funk and she was 2 yrs ahead of me in school!!! She was quite the party! I loved the picture of her girls, a couple of them look just like her! Tell her hi from Becky!

  4. How fun! Stephanie is my second cousin. I never guessed she would be the one who would provide you with butternut squash. I’ve loved hearing about your community garden. I’ve always wanted to do a project like that.

  5. What lovely gifts! I got to work on a project with Stephanie years ago and would love to meet her again. (Hello Stephanie!) I didn’t realize she lived near you all.

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